5 Useful iOS Apps for Home Improvement

5 Useful iOS Apps for Home Improvement on Freepps Top Blog

Nowadays, you can find an appropriate app for virtually anything, and the home improvement topic is not an exception. We all know that when living in a house or an apartment, there are always things to fix or improve. With the help of these five home-enhancing apps listed in the article, you will be able to make your life as a homeowner slightly easier. All the apps on the list can be downloaded for free.

1. SnapGuide

Easy navigation and a variety of tutorials in SnapGuide

SnapGuide is an application that offers you a great variety of how-to instructions, repairs, hacks, projects, and recipes that you will definitely find useful if you want to fix or improve something in your house. The tutorials are quite detailed and also feature photos so that you know exactly what to do. The topics covered in the application include crafts, gardening, car maintenance, and some others. You have an opportunity to like and comment on different tutorials. Moreover, if you want to share the information, you can create your own guides.

2. BrightNest

Customizing your BrightNest profile for the best results

Another application that can become a perfect addition to your household tools is called BrightNest. The app is created for the purpose of both home management and improvement. When you first start using the app, you are able to customize it to fit your needs by stating the number of pets, children, and various appliances that have to be kept in check. Using BrightNest, you will be able to set tasks and create to-do lists so that you don’t forget anything. What is more, there are also a great number of hacks, projects, and articles to facilitate the process of home maintenance. 

3. Houzz

Articles, photos, and discussions on home improvement in Houzz

Houzz is a social networking app oriented at the design and home improvement. The app is an incredible place for all types of articles, photos, and discussions concerning a variety of topics that can help you enhance your home environment. You can use it to get inspired to create something in your house or get in touch with others who face the same issues. It is a perfect app for finding great DIY idea, cool pieces of furniture, or simply contacting people that may be able to help you out.

4. Adornably

 Visualizing your perfect interior with Adornably has never been easie

If you have struggled when deciding where to put a piece of furniture, the Adornably app is just what you need. All you have to do is take a picture of the room you want to redecorate and add the virtual pieces of furniture to see what they will look like in your interior before you make a purchase. The app offers you a number of customization opportunities, including choosing the right color scheme. It’s definitely a great application for anyone who wants to avoid the guesswork and risk of buying something that doesn’t look good in the house.

5. Handy

Booking professionals takes no time when you use Handy

While there a lot of works that are possible to do on your own, certain repair jobs require professionals. Handy is an app that works in twenty cities across the US, UK, and Canada, and it gives you an opportunity to book professionals offering a range of services, such as cleaning, repair, electrical work, plumbing, and others. Before being added to the app, the backgrounds of all the specialists are checked to ensure a proper level of professionalism.

Make sure you home is in its best state with these apps

It’s always nice when you’re able to fix something in your house without any help, and these apps can definitely help you achieve this. You can easily navigate through these user-friendly applications to find the topics that concern you and also get advice from people who have dealt with the same problems, which is quite valuable. If you feel like you cannot do certain works yourself, you can use an app to book the services of the professionals.

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