6 Amazing Travel Apps For iOS Devices

6 Amazing Travel Apps For iOS Devices on Freepps Top Blog

Who doesn’t like traveling? Exploring different countries and cities gives us an opportunity to learn something new and have the most incredible experiences that would not be possible otherwise. If you want to get the most out of your travels, you can always use applications to help you navigate through the city, see the most prominent landmarks, and discover new information. In this article, we offer you to take a look at six travel guide apps that you can download for free.

1. Triposo

Traveling recommendations and other features in the Triposo app

The first application worth mentioning on this list is Triposo. It is a travel guide app that provides you with an endless number of recommendations that were chosen by the system from thousands of reviews and websites online. In addition to extensive travel recommendations on tours, hotels, restaurants, and other, you also have an opportunity to use offline maps, which is great if you want to avoid additional Internet expenses while traveling. You can also use the app to book various activities, hotels, and transport, which is extremely convenient. Overall, it’s a great all-in-one application for both the preparation process and actual traveling. 

2. Field Trip

Exploring the city in all its beauty with the help of Field Trip

Field Trip is an application you should install if you want to easily discover awesome and unique things in the cities around the world. Each city has a lot of hidden treasures, but if you don’t know where to look, you can easily miss them. Once you install the Field Trip app on your device, it will work in the background of your device and inform you when you are close to the objects of interest. If you have headphones with you at that moment, you can listen to the recordings. The app is quite versatile as it will provide you with the information about local history as well as interesting places to have fun, shop, or eat.

3. Stray Boots

Exciting tours and fascinating facts in the Stray Boots app

Stray Boots is a fun app to play around if you enjoy learning more about the cities that you visit. The application allows you to find the best places in the most entertaining and engaging way. The app can be defined as a combination of a scavenger hunt and walking tour, which turns your trip into an exciting adventure. You can also use the Stray Boots Infactuation feature to learn interesting facts about the cities before going there or while exploring. The app offers more than 60 different tours in the biggest cities of the U.S. 

4. Rick Steves’ Audio Europe

Incredible audio tracks created by Rick Steves to help you learn about Europe

If you’re traveling to Europe and want to soak up as much information as possible, you should definitely install this application. This iOS app provides you with an extensive collection of audio content created by Rick Steves, an American author specializing in European travels. With the app, you will be able to get an insight into the culture, explore historic walks, learn sightseeing information, and more. The Rick Steves’ Audio Europe gives you a chance to make your trips more meaningful and entertaining. The audio files are downloaded to your device, so you can easily listen to them without the Internet connection.

5. Kamino

Taking a walk in a city using Kamino has never been more exciting

If you want to truly get to know the city, Kamino is just what you need. The app offers you a number of walking tours provided by the travel experts and residents. In addition to exploring the routes created by other users, you can contribute to the app with your own walks if you know the city well enough. Depending on your company and mood, you can choose the tours with appropriate establishments along the way. Each of the routes features photos of the places, description, and various recommendations so that you don’t miss anything interesting. The Kamino app offers you maps and GPS so that you definitely stay on track. 

6. Tripwolf

More than 600 destinations to discover in the Tripwolf app

Another app that we recommend you to consider is Tripwolf. This travel guide application offers you to explore more than 600 destinations across the globe. In the application, you will find useful offline apps, travel planner, great navigation options, information about various attractions, and a lot more. If you need, you also have an opportunity to book tours and purchase tickets. Tripwolf is extremely useful with its large number of features as it allows you to manage your entire trip using a single application.

Travel application to enhance your journey

When visiting a city for the first time, it’s quite easy to not only get lost but also miss a lot of exciting destinations and landmarks if they are not extremely popular among tourists. With the help of the mentioned applications, you will certainly improve your journey by learning new facts about the cities and visiting places that you didn’t even know existed. Whether you enjoy listening to informational tracks or taking walks created by the locals, you can do that by installing the apps on the list. Explore the cities in the most entertaining way with the help of awesome travel applications! 


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