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Are you familiar with anybody who has never thought about their future kids? How might they look like? I doubt you are.

While I’m not sure about you, the first time I had this idea was somewhen in the kindergarten while I was playing house with other dreamy girls like me. Time flies, and your regular “play house” game becomes your actual life and you start thinking about having babies.

It happens, ya know. Sane people sometimes dream about being parents. Having a cute baby girl or a funny baby boy sounds attractive, right?


Salvation of a pregnant one

It started about a year or so ago when I was on the fifth month of my pregnancy. The entire time I was pregnant I wondered what that little baby inside of me might look like. I couldn’t help myself with expecting, felt like I’ve lost my passion and couldn’t wait anymore. Therefore, I started looking for something that could brighten up my expectation and shared feelings with a friend of mine, Sarah. Luckily, she knew exactly what I need.

Sarah showed me this sweet what will my kids look like app that was supposed to entertain me at least for some time. And it did! Have you tried something like this in the past? This type of applications allows you to upload future parents’ photos and within seconds get an exceptional result. Just a couple of headshots, a few mouse clicks and a moment of time when I got a realistic face of my future baby.

What would my baby look like?

So this app was the first one that I’ve tried. Sarah used it to see the face of her soon-to-be baby girl. Well, her little one didn’t come out looking completely cute according to the app. We all can’t get lucky with cute kids, right? But as it turned out in real life later, Sarah gave birth to a beautiful sweetie girl. So, nothing stopped me and I gave it a try.

To quote the app developer: “...this program uses facial feature recognition technology and digital image processing to create an estimated baby picture from two parent photos.”  So I picked two pictures from the library: of mine and my beloved husband, zoomed them in and selected a correct picture size. The final result stunned me. Not in a bad or in a good way. It was just different from the one that I imagined.

Thus I decided to go further and search for another what would our baby look like app.

How will my baby look

It was my next discovery.How will my baby look is similar to the first app and is also for the same girl entertainment purposes. However, it is not a real application, just a simulator. It reproduces a random baby picture for you and shows it as your future kid. But this what will my baby look like app has something that you will not find anywhere else - a babies gallery function. There you can check all the kid's photos that they have.

It can be hard to stop yourself when you are trying something new, you know. Thus, I proceeded trying my luck with the what will my child look like app.

Your Baby

I found one more, as you can see. With Your Baby app you don’t need to worry about the quality of the original photos, you’ll always get a nice rendering as a result.

So I went further and tried to upload a scratched photo and even a black-and-white one (courtesy of my grandparents) and still got a high-quality color picture of a baby (my mom, supposedly). It did not look like a cartoon or drawing and, in some way, was even similar to my mom’s baby pictures.

In total, this app gave me five various pictures of my future baby. They also offered me a pro version that gives you an opportunity to upload and process three parents’ photos and more at one time. But I didn’t purchase it, decided to look for more apps.

Baby Maker

It became my next target. At first, Baby Maker looked like a simple app with easy controls and unpretentious interface, but in fact, it has something more inside. There is a complex algorithm, which carefully analyzes the two faces and applies some mathematical transformations to show a totally new face. This app has more advanced functions than others. I could choose my baby’s age, a skin tone, a sex of him/her and enjoy the result!

If you are satisfied as me with what you’ve got, try various collages, art frames or colorful backgrounds and send it to your beloved soul mate.

You can even share this image on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and on other profiles right in the app. So did I, this time my future baby turned out really cute.

Anyway, after some time I was a bit exhausted from all of the app baby making. Apparently, because I got bored checking the future baby look with myself as a parent. And somehow I got an idea: what will my baby look like if I were married to a celebrity? Have you ever had that thought or one like it?

Alright, you have one now or at least I just planted the seed.

Make a Baby Booth

I know somebody dreams to date Angelina Jolie or I am, frankly, a Channing Tatum’s fan (don’t tell my husband), so what if I could have a baby…here is another app that shows how your baby will look like if you get married a celebrity.Make a Baby Booth app uses facial blending techniques and creates crazier combinations for you. So if I want to see a hilarious baby and just have fun, I will rather go with this app.

Baby Predictor

The last app that I discovered for myself was Baby Predictor 2016. This one is something more magical than logical but is also worth to try.  It uses your fingerprint! No photos are needed. The instructions are simple: just hold your finger over the fingerprint displayed on a screen and after few seconds you will see your future baby. Moreover, you will get some additional info like their weight, gender or even your pregnancy time. Miraculous!

Regarding all these baby making apps, my sweet Melania should have been born a tanned chubby dark-haired boy with a pair of green bulging eyes and I’m incredibly grateful it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, I had a spectacular pastime while my pregnancy due to these apps.

As you can see, there is no need to wait nine months for getting your future baby’s look. And if you still don’t trust me that it’s great fun, just get out there and make some babies!

Show your experience in the comments, like and share your babies with the friends!

Ashley Carter


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