6 Apps to Track Your Fitness Goals

6 Apps to Track Your Fitness Goals on Freepps Top Blog

The importance of health can never be underestimated, and exercising is essential if you want to stay active and energetic your entire life.

The availability of fitness apps makes it a lot easier and more fun to keep track of your fitness achievements and compare your statistics. Also, the social aspect of some applications can help you feel more inspired to increase your fitness levels because your friends will be able to see what you do.

Here are some efficient and useful Android apps that will help you improve your well-being.

BMI Calculator

Simple and straightforward BMI Calculator interfaceSimple and straightforward BMI Calculator interface

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s always a good idea to track your achievements, because it keeps you motivated and helps you figure out what type of physical activity or diet choices work best for you. This simple BMI Calculator app is just what you need to help you move in the right direction. 

The app is extremely easy to use – just enter your height and weight details, and you will get the percentage of your body fat.

Besides calculating the body fat and determining to which one of the eight categories you belong, this BMI Calculator also gives you recommendations on how you can incorporate the exercises to help you achieve a healthy weight.

Instant Heart Rate

Useful features of the Instant Heart Rate appUseful features of the Instant Heart Rate app

Heart rate is an essential aspect to keep track of during any stage of your physical activity. It helps you understand how your body reacts to different levels of intensity so that you can find the most beneficial exercises for you. 

Right now there is no shortage of heart rate apps, but Instant Heart Rate allows you to look up your heart rate at any moment and make sure that it’s in alignment with your goal. It’s not a secret that various types of exercises require different heart rates, especially when you go for cardio and want to increase your chances of losing weight.

With the help of this app, you can also determine your heart rate when you’re not working out, so you can see how your body responds to stress in your everyday life. The tracking system in the app provides you with a timeline that you can view to know when your heart rate has been the closest to what you need it to be.

7 Minute Workout

A wide range of workouts for every user A wide range of workouts for every user

If you have never worked out in your life before, you can feel quite overwhelmed by numerous fitness apps and workout routines. It’s always better to start out with something small so that you can gradually increase your exercise time if you feel the need. 

7 Minute Workout is a perfect app for everyone who wants to become stronger or lose some weight without getting an intimidating number of exercises. This app is not created with the intention of sharing your progress through social media, but rather receiving simple guidelines that will be helpful on your way to being healthier. 


All the statistics you need at RunKeeperAll the statistics you need at RunKeeper

Another excellent app that will be highly useful to those who choose jogging as their preferred physical activity is RunKeeper. This application allows you to keep track of the burned calories and the distance that you ran. 

In addition to running, the app can be used for regular workouts and cycling. You can use the app to map out your future runs, so it will certainly help you get a clear picture regarding your fitness level.


Detailed map of your cycling in the Strava appDetailed map of your cycling in Strava app

Cycling is not only an exciting way to explore your city with friends or alone, but it also gives you an opportunity to strengthen your entire body. The Strava app can become a perfect addition to your phone if you love cycling or running and want to know all the details of your progress. 

The application enables you to keep track of the speed, distance, and other information as you’re moving. Moreover, you can challenge your friends who use the app, so you can compete against each other and achieve new goals in the most entertaining way. 

Also, you can take a look at various routes that are often visited by other users and try them out yourself.

Endomondo Running & Walking

Tracking progress is easy with EndomondoTracking progress is easy with Endomondo

This extensive application covers a lot of different physical activities. What is great about Endomondo Running & Walking is that you can share your achievements with friends, which is extremely motivating for a lot of people and makes them want to continue. 

With the help of this app, you can create plans, map out your routes, set various fitness goals, and even download the routines created by other users.

How can you benefit from these apps?

These days it’s so much easier to see how you improve every time you exercise thanks to a broad range of applications that can provide you with accurate information. 

The mentioned apps are efficient and simple in use, so all you have to do is choose the most suitable options based on what you need to know and what type of exercises you prefer. 

Whether you like running outside, cycling to the nearest city or want to spend several minutes a day working out in your room, these apps can make the process a lot more effective.

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