6 Awesome Android Apps To Create GIFs

6 Awesome Android Apps To Create GIFs on Freepps Top Blog

If you enjoy exchanging text messages with your friends, you know how entertaining it is to use gifs. They help you express your emotions in the most accurate way and are generally fun to play with. In addition to photos and videos, they are an awesome way to capture the moments of your life. Here you can find a list of six Android applications that you can install on your device for free to create gifs whenever you feel like it.

1. GIF Maker

 Intuitive interface and easy navigation of the GIF Maker app

GIF Maker is an application that’s quite popular among the users of Android devices. It is a camera app that gives you an opportunity to take videos and pictures to make them into gifs. The cool thing about the app is that you can add various effects to make them even better. If you want to turn a video into a gif, it can be up to 25 seconds long, and if you decide to use pictures – 10 to 50 images. You can either take new pictures or use the ones that are already present on your device. Overall, it’s a nice app that does its job when it comes to making gifs.

2. GIF Studio

A variety of advanced gif-editing functions in the GIF Studio app

Another app on the list is GIF Studio, which can be used to create apps and also edit them. In comparison to some other apps for Android, it has a number of advanced features, such as a timeline function that you can use when editing a gif. Moreover, you can use an app to extract the pictures from gifs, add text overlays, loop, change speed, use stickers, and others. It’s definitely an application worth trying out, especially if you want to add something extra to your gif.

3. GIF Pro

 All the features you need to make gifs in the GIF Pro app

What makes GIF Pro stand out from a variety of gif-creating apps is that you can actually craft your gifs as opposed to turning videos and images into this format. With the help of this app, you are able to choose and use a lot of pictures at once, which is quite useful. The features that you can use in the applications are stickers, frames, text overlays, quality, animation delays, and much more.

4. PicPic

Built-in camera to take photos and videos for gifs in PicPic

PicPic is an application that not only allows you to create gifs, but also download the ones you like from other users. The search feature in the application allows you to easily find everything you are looking for. The gifs can be quickly created using the built-in camera feature, so you don’t waste any of your time. Similarly to other apps in this category, PicPic comes with an editor that doesn’t have a ton of features but does what’s needed. The application is an excellent combination of the sharing platform and gif creation, but if you want to come up with something more elaborate, you need a different one. 

5. GIF Me Camera

Simplicity and easy of gif-making with the help of GIF Me Camera

If you don’t want an app filled with a number of unnecessary functions, then the simple GIF Me Camera application is just what you need. You can create a video of up to 14 seconds to turn into a gif, and if you want – apply one of the color filters. It is definitely a great application to have if you don’t need anything excessive, as the app is extremely user-friendly, and you will be able to figure it out straight away.

6. GIF Creator

Useful gif-editing functions available to you in the GIF Creator application

The GIF Creator app is another excellent app, which gives you a chance to either use images from your collection or take new ones in order to turn them into gifs. The functions available in the app are quite standard, including various filters, editing and reverting of animation, and others. Also, you get an opportunity to browse through the gifs created by other people who also use this app. The maximum length of the gifs is 30 seconds, which is enough for the majority of users. 

Make fun GIFs using free applications

The Internet is filled with a huge number of different gifs, so why not try making your own? The apps listed above have a number of similar features, but also have slight differences. You can choose the one you prefer depending on how simple or extensive you want an application to be. All the apps are quite easy to use so you won’t have any problems while creating your gifs.

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