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6 Best Android Root Apps on Freepps Top Blog

If you have decided that rooting your Android phone is something you want to do, you have a chance to dive into the world new fascinating changes and customization opportunities. After you root your phone, a broad selection of excellent Android applications becomes available to you. Here are some of the useful applications that you should take into consideration.

SuperSU – excellent superuser application

The best superuser application for your Android device

While you can avoid installing SuperSU on your device, it’s undeniably a much better idea to have it on your phone. The SuperSU app is certainly among the best root assistants you can find, which is why it’s often installed by default.

The main goal of the SuperSU is to help you manage the Superuser access rights for the apps, but there are some other benefits that you can explore.

Titanium Backup – a high-quality backup app

When it comes to the rooted phones, backups are a necessity. Titanium Backup is the app that occupies a leading position among a number of other backup solutions for rooted phones.

The idea is that before you immerse yourself in the ROMs and system modifications, you should perform a full backup in case things don’t go the way you planned. The Titanium Backup app significantly facilitates the entire process.

Greenify – great application to optimize your battery

Battery saving is easy using the Greenify app Battery saving is easy using the Greenify app

Greenify is an incredible application even if your phone is not rooted, but if your device is, you can really get the most of it. This application allows you to have control over when your applications are active and consume your phone’s resources, and when they don’t.

By installing this hibernation tool, you can make sure that your device works just as great even if you have a lot of apps on your Android phone.  

DataSync – just what you need if you have several devices  

If you have several Android devices, and you want to synchronize them as effectively as possible, then the DataSync app can help you achieve this.

For instance, you can read a book on your phone, come home and continue reading it from the exact same page on your tablet, which is quite useful and fun.

SD Maid – easily manage the internal storage on your phone

All the management tools you need in the SD Maid app All the management tools you need in the SD Maid app

Internal storage can represent a problem for quite a lot of users. Once you root your device and install the useful SD Maid app, you can use it to manage any folders or ghost files that remain on your phone even after you deleted certain information and apps.

The application comes with a set of app management tools, search function, and a file browser, so you can optimize your internal storage even more and avoid wasting it for no reason.

Rec – useful screen recording application

 Useful screen recording features offered by Rec app Useful screen recording features offered by the Rec app

While recording the screen is not a function that is useful for every single phone user, for the mobile developers and gamers, it can be essential. The Rec app is certainly the best root screen recording application you can install on your device.

Now you don’t have to describe everything when you can easily show your recording.

Discover new management opportunities with root apps

The apps represented on the list give you a great opportunity to bring the management of your rooted phone to the entirely new level. 

Whether you want to save as much internal storage as possible, make sure that your battery lasts longer, sync all the available devices, etc., you can perform all these actions using these highly useful apps. 

Depending on your personal needs you can choose which ones will give you the most control over your rooted device.

What's your favorite root app? Share it in the comments below!

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    That's a nice celection, though the apps will be helpful only to those who has some experience in programming.
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    Can I really drill into the Android root? Fine doings these! Maybe it’s worth trying to explore the SuperSU app at first?
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    Nothing about Root Explorer? That's weird. I'd call it the best root app when it comes to cleaning out system garbage.
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