6 Best Maps To Play In Fortnite Creative This February (With Codes)

6 Best Maps To Play In Fortnite Creative This February (With Codes) on Freepps Top Blog

Fortnite: Creative is a sandbox game, a bit similar to Minecraft, where players are encouraged to build whatever they want. Now we want to share the top six free map codes that are worth your attention.

Lake Lachesis


This map was designed for a huge number of players in Fortnite. There is only one goal: be the first who accrue 30 Eliminations.

Laptop Sniper vs Runners


Here you need to go through the tight corridor to find the best sniper who will become your greatest advantage. The map suits for two-six players.

Find the Button


Be ready for the highest level of difficulty. What you need to do here is to find the well-concealed buttons. Players can play alone or team up with friends.

BEDWARS: Into the Winter Holidays


Your main task in this map is to protect your bed from the enemies. We like this map because of its incredible graphics.

NorCal Trickshot Map


Here, your goal is to get a sufficient amount of air to hit the spots. Sounds simple? Do not forget about the reduced gravity and bounces that are everywhere!

Fortnite Live Event Deathrun


In this map created by charlee-brown, you need to dodge dozens of dangerous objects and stay alive.

Try It!

Have you discovered something new? Why not just try it today! Play and share your impressions in the comments.

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