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6 Free Education Apps For Android on Freepps Top Blog

Education is an important key to a successful career, and you shouldn’t just stop educating yourself once you finish a school or a college. Effective self-education can open up a world of new opportunities and put you ahead of the competitors in your field. Here we offer you to take a look at six education apps for Android that you can download for free and start using whenever you feel like learning something new.

1. Khan Academy

Easy navigation and a large number of topics in the Khan Academy app

Khan Academy is an education app that provides the users of Android devices with a large number of courses and classes. At the moment, you have an opportunity to watch more than 10,000 tutorials for free, and the existing collection continues to expand. The lessons that you can watch in the Khan Academy app cover a variety of different themes and subjects but are mainly focused on economics, history, mathematics, science, and others. Because the application offers mostly basic information on the mentioned subjects, it is perfect for building a great foundation of knowledge before you’re able to process to more complex topics. Overall, it is definitely a user-friendly and convenient app that you can use to learn a lot of things on the go. 

2. Coursera

A variety of different topics to study in the Coursera app

When it comes to the popular education platforms, Coursera is probably the first one that comes to mind for the majority of people. While the Coursera website is already hugely popular among users all across the globe, the app is still not as widely known. The application allows you to study a great number of topics, including everything from business, computer science, and economics to art, culture, foreign languages, and a lot more. There are more than 1000 courses for you to enjoy, and the majority of them come with detailed video tutorials and lectures. Coursera is a must-have if you’re looking for in-depth educational materials.

3. Udacity

Programming made easy with the Udacity application

If you’re interested in learning about new technologies and coding, then the Udacity app is the one you should consider. Nowadays, the programming career is quite competitive, so it’s important to constantly work on improving your knowledge and developing new skills. The courses from Udacity are taught by the professionals working for Google, Facebook, and other companies. Using the application, you can learn different programming languages, such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and others. A lot of users of Udacity were able to drastically change their careers thanks to the lessons provided in the app, so if you were always interested in computer science, you should definitely install this app.

4. SoloLearn

 All the programming languages you need in the SoloLearn apps

Regardless of your career, if you have to deal with computers on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to expand your knowledge when it comes to the modern technologies. In addition to Udacity, other excellent apps that are focused on computer programming are offered by SoloLearn. With the help of these apps, you will be able to learn a range of languages, including CSS, PHP, C++, Python, Java, SQL, Swift, and more. All the applications get great reviews on Google Play, and can be downloaded for free.

5. TED

A large number of excellent TED videos from professionals

You are probably already familiar with the educational lectures from TED Talks, which are quite popular among people of all ages. This application offers you a large number of videos on a variety of topics, such as psychology, technology, medicine, self-improvement, and a lot more. Aft the moment, there are more than 2000 lectures that you can watch and learn from, so you’re more than likely to find something that will be interesting to you. The fact that most lectures are presented by the experts in their fields make the TED platform quite valuable.

6. Udemy

User-friendly navigation and numerous courses to explore in Udemy

Udemy is another well-known education app that was among the first applications of this type to provide its users with courses. Currently, the application offers an astounding 32,000 courses on everything from science and mathematics to cooking. Some of the most popular topics among the users of Udemy are entrepreneurship, design, marketing, business, and more. The application offers you a great variety of useful lessons, so you will be able to find the ones that you can benefit from regardless of your career or interests.

Install the apps to improve your education

When it comes to education, its importance can never be underestimated, as it gives you the freedom to choose the career you enjoy and earn enough money to support your lifestyle. The more knowledgeable you are in a particular sphere, the more likely you are to become successful in your chosen career. The apps that we offer here boast a large number of courses that can be easily accessed whether you’re at home or traveling, thus making sure your time is not wasted. All you have to do is choose what you want to study and be ready to receive the information you need! 


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