6 Second Blink Challenge: Why People Lose Their Heads

6 Second Blink Challenge: Why People Lose Their Heads on Freepps Top Blog

It feels like people around the world just started to go crazy with Instagram face filters. Everyone wants to find and tell their friends about the new cool filter first. And this is not surprising! Filters are a simple and easy way to not only have fun but also to increase the engagement of your Instagram page. Some masks become so popular that people even start conducting international challenges. One of these filters is 6 Second Blink. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is a 6 Blink Filter?

People are divided into two types: those who learn about all Instagram trends even before they appear, and those who do not especially follow the trends and know only the most sensational. Never heard about 6 Blink Challenge? Most likely, you belong to the second type of people, so welcome to the next paragraph!

6 Blink Challenge is a new mask created by Yana Mishkinis. The rules are very simple, to be more precise, there is only one rule: you need to blink your eyes when the counter above your head shows 6 seconds. Does that sound simple? However, things get complicated when you find out that this counter has three numbers after the dot. Have you imagined how accurate your blink should be in order for 6,000 to appear? That is why people are starting to lose their heads, trying to achieve this indicator. 6 Blink Challenge is definitely one of the most popular and widely used Instagram best filters!

How to Get a 6 Blink Filter?

Want to try your hand at that challenge? Then follow the instructions below to get 6 Blink Filter:

  1. First of all, create (if you haven’t done it yet) and open your Instagram account;
  2. Find the @yana.mishkinis account through the Instagram search;
  3. See the pinned stories? Find there 6 Seconds and find it;
  4. Swipe up and start to use the filter in your Instagram account.

Want a little advice? As soon as you manage to achieve the goal and you see 6.000 on the scoreboard, be sure to save these Instagram stories and share them with your followers! After all, this happens very rarely!

Are You Ready?

It is likely that a few people will read this text. Because as soon as you manage to use the filter, you will not turn it off! But if you still read it, then share your favorite Instagram face filters in the comments box just under this blog post. We’re curious to know!

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