6 Useful Calculator Apps For Android

6 Useful Calculator Apps For Android on Freepps Top Blog

Whether we like it or not, but we often have to calculate various things in our daily lives. While a simple calculator is often enough in these situations, if your occupation involves dealing with numbers, you may need more functions. With the help of the calculator apps, you will be able to easily count everything you need and avoid carrying an actual calculator with you. Here are some of the most interesting calculator apps for Android that you can download for free.

Algeo Graphing Calculator

The Algeo application is an excellent calculator for both academic and everyday purposes. The application has a straightforward and user-friendly application, thus allowing you to make quick calculations in no time. If you ever need more advanced functions when studying algebra or trigonometry, you can also find them in this useful app. While the application cannot be viewed as the complete replacement of the graphing calculator, it can be great for more simple tasks or when you’re on the go and don’t have access to other devices.


If you don’t really need extremely complicated features but want your applications to be stylish and enjoyable to use, the Calcu app is just what you need. The application comes with a number of standard functions and also some extra features if you ever want to use them. A cool thing about this app is that you can choose from twelve different themes to personalize the app and also customize the keypad. The app can be used for not overly complicated physics calculations, algebra, and simple trigonometry. Overall, it’s definitely a convenient app for non-specialized uses.

Mobi Calculator

Another application worthy of mentioning is Mobi Calculator. If you’re someone who appreciates the look of the classic calculators with all the multi-functional buttons on the screen, you will certainly enjoy using this application. The app offers you all the basic features you’re used to in a standard calculator, including percentages, Radix mode, logarithms, trig functions, and some others. If you want to switch things up, you have an opportunity to choose a different theme. The app is certainly for those who enjoy the familiarity of the classic design and feel.

Financial Calculators

While you can always download an all-purpose calculator, it may be better to opt for a more specialized version if you often have to deal with specific calculations. Financial Calculators is an app that includes a number of functions to help you quickly and easily calculate all the sums you may need. Some of the features of the app include loan calculator, bond calculator, credit card payoff calculator, currency converter, and many others. These calculations can be quite confusing when trying to do with them on your own, but with the Financial Calculators, the process becomes a lot easier.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is one of the most exciting options out there. The application allows you to avoid typing and searching for different functions within the app and simply write all the equations you need on the screen. The app can easily be used for basic calculations, quite complicated algebra, and even trig without any problems. MyScript Calculator allows you to save some time, but it doesn’t provide you with more advanced features, so it is best suited for everyday calculations than scientific purposes.

Calculator ++

If you’re in search of a graphing calculator with a number of unique functions, then you should definitely consider installing Calculator++. This application allows you not only to use all the basic functions of the calculator app, but also a widget, dedicated copy/paste feature, and others. When it comes to the design of this app, it is quite standard with a number of functions on display for quick access. Overall, it’s definitely a great app for both daily calculations and more complex math.

Calculations made easy with Android apps

There is no doubt that calculators make our lives significantly easier, so it’s always a great idea to install an application of this type on your device. While most smartphones come with calculators already installed, they often lack more advanced functions that you may need and are not as convenient as they can be. The apps on the list include a ton of features and differ in their designs, so it’s up to you to decide which one is most appropriate for you.  

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