6 Useful iPhone Apps For Moms-to-Be

6 Useful iPhone Apps For Moms-to-Be on Freepps Top Blog

Pregnancy is an exciting and also nerve-racking time because of the level of responsibility that future parents experience. Modern technologies make our lives a lot easier, and they can also help you put your mind at ease and help you feel more confident during your pregnancy. While these apps can never replace a consultation with a medical professional, with their help you will be able to learn a lot of valuable information regarding the development of your baby.

1. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Social network and pregnancy tracking in the BabyBump app

BabyBump is an extensive application that combines both an efficient pregnancy tracker and an opportunity to share your experiences with other expecting families. You can easily get in touch with other parents from all across the world, thus not only making friends but also learning new information. By entering your due date, you will get a personalized schedule that features how many days and weeks you have left until giving birth to your baby. You will also receive a daily dose of information, including your potential symptoms and cravings according to your term, details about the size of your baby, etc. BabyBump is an excellent all in one app that will be perfect for any future mom out there.

2. Full Term

Simple and uncluttered interface of the Full Term app

Full Term is an app created to help you track your labor contractions. It is simple and clutter-free, because you obviously don’t want to use anything too complicated in those moments. With the Full Term app, you will be able to easily determine frequency and durations of the labor period. All the information is getting saved, so you have an opportunity to easily send it to your doctor via email. In addition to being a contraction timer, the app includes other features, such as kick counter and weight tracker. Tracking your weight will help you see how your pregnancy is progressing each week and also make sure that you don’t gain too much.

3. I’m expecting

A ton of useful pregnancy-related information in Im expecting

Another app that you may find interesting is I’m expecting. The app is created to guide your through evert day of your pregnancy, which is extremely reassuring. In the app, you will find a great number of educational content, including tips, articles, videos, and more. Also, if you have any questions or simply want to hear about the experiences of others, you can get in touch with users of the community. The app also offers you a lot of recommendations on how to relieve common pregnancy symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, leg cramps, and others. You can also take photos of your bump each week to see how it grows and save them to the photo diary of the app.

4. My Pregnancy and Baby Today

A single app to learn all the valuable pregnancy information

If you want to install a single app that will have everything you need, My Pregnancy and Baby Today is an excellent choice. Similarly to other apps of this type, you first step is to enter your due date to get all the relevant information on a daily and weekly basis. This pregnancy tracker comes with a ton of useful information (videos, articles, etc.), birth plan checklist, contraction timer, kick counter, and even an opportunity to browse through a list of baby names. Also, you can use the app after you give birth as it includes various baby care recommendations, feeding guide, lullaby music, and a lot more.

5. Prenatal Workout

Short exercise routines created for pregnant women in Prenatal Workout

To remain healthy and have easier labor, it’s important to exercise not only before pregnancy, but also throughout its duration. Obviously, the workouts designed for pregnant women are lot different compared to those who are not. The Prenatal Workout app offers you healthy and safe exercise routines designed specifically for future moms, but we still recommend consulting a medical advisor before doing them. In the app, you will find workouts up to 20 minutes long, so you can decide how much time you want to dedicate to your exercises. 

6. Sprout Pregnancy

Awesome features and user-friendly interface of Sprout Pregnancy

Another great app that you should definitely consider is Sprout Pregnancy. Using the app, you will know all the details you may need regarding which changes your body goes through during pregnancy and learn about your baby. The pregnancy journal that you can use in the app can be printed in the PDF format, so you can easily take it to your doctor. Just like other pregnancy applications it includes all the necessary tools to count the kicks of your baby, calculate contractions, and others.

Install a pregnancy app to learn more about your baby

As you have noticed, the majority of pregnancy apps that we included in this articles share a lot of the same features, so it all depends on the convenience of the interface for you and how you plan on using them. By installing one or several apps you will no longer have to browse the Internet to learn about your symptoms each week as you will be able to view all the details in one place. The workout app will allow you to stay healthy during your pregnancy and lose your weight a lot faster after giving birth. 


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