6 Useful Things You Didn't Know About iOS 9

6 Useful Things You Didn't Know About iOS 9 on Freepps Top Blog
We have been waiting for so long for iOS 9 and finally it has been released providing a lot of new capabilities. While not all the useful things of the system are obvious. We made a list of 7 useful things of iOS 9 which you won’t notice from the first time, but you should definitely consider them and successfully apply in the nearest future.

Mail Annotations

The company has recently set sights on iOS and OS X integration and this strategy makes operational systems literally exchange functions and adopts new ones simultaneously. The main version of Mail received a new function last year which allowed to add annotations to the mail received. And today we have it in the mobile version for iOS 9.

Now you can add annotations to the files received using different tools including loupe, drawing, text comments, and signature. Actually, the tools you can use are the same in the display option which fostered this functionality.

Dark Theme in Safari Reading Mode

What functions were you dreaming about while expecting for iOS 9 to released? I wanted a dark mode of the interface and my dream came true. Well, partially.

You have an opportunity to choose a dark theme in Safari when you have reading regime activated. And it can’t be considered as a global change of the system but at least it is something!

When you turn on reading regime, press «» bottom which calls setup panel and there you can choose the size and the style of the font and the theme. It is a slight change, but we really appreciate it.

Notifications Sorted By Date

Notification center is constantly receiving new functions. Sorting your notifications according to the date is not considered as a major change but it is quite useful.

It was possible to sort out the notifications previously and there were two options to do it. You could group the notification manually or by time. Actually, the function is the same now but the messages are sorted by days and aren’t shown as a running list. You perceive this information much easier and it is arranged more neatly.

Swipe Several Pictures

If you like to store many pictures at your iOS device, you probably know how difficult it is to select the picture in order to delete it or move to another album. And we have great news for you: the selection process has become much easier and you will definitely enjoy it.

Now it is enough to press the select button and swipe all the pictures you want to go with. As simple as it is!


Detailed Battery Statistics

The statistics showing how much battery power each application consumes appeared in iOS 8. And it is more informative and efficient than information about usage time and on hold period which were available previously. The battery statistics in iOS 9 has significantly improved. Now you can check how much battery an application consumes (the information is provided in percentages) and how much time you spend using it. Open the statistics screen, find the list bottom and press it.

Variable Screen Resolution For Videos

Even the very first version of iPhone allows you to take photos and videos at maximum screen resolution. It might be appropriate for photos, but it is a critical point for videos as iPhones don’t have that much storage. Apple added the option to choose the screen resolution for standard and slow motion videos. It should be noticed that this option is available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Have you already discovered something interesting in iOS 9? Share your ideas and opinions!

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  • S
    6 years ago
    Thank you very much for this composition. I didn't know some points presented there. But, ios 9 is awful for me. I can't use it fully. So we are waiting for upgrade.
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  • D
    6 years ago
    This is a very useful feature, it is very interesting to me. I'll use it. I like the new technology.
  • J
    6 years ago
    I didn't know about these functions. Now I'm using them regularly. It was very uncomfortable to read something in Safari, but know I know how to change from light theme to dark theme. I often use my iPhone, and I need to know how much juice I have left. And my dream came true! I didn't know that "Angry Birds" is eating my percents so quickly! Thanks for this article.
  • T
    6 years ago
    It would be more useful to simply add "Delete All Photos" button to Camera Roll section instead of swiping and all that mumbo jumbo stuff methinks
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