7 Best Free Cloud Backup Solutions for Your Mobile

7 Best Free Cloud Backup Solutions for Your Mobile on Freepps Top Blog

It’s a cruel new world, so no matter how high your productivity, self-organization or liability is, things like fires, floods, earthquakes, accidental deletions, dropping your phone into the toilet will be ruthless to your files. This research showed that 19 percent of people drown their devices in the loo, leaving their pride and data under water.


Man dropping his smartphone into the toilet


Unfortunately, I know that feel, and, as a result, I’ve lost my photos. You have two options — tear out your hair after the irreversible catastrophe or prepare for it. My bitter experience inspired me to write this article, and I’ll give you some real-world advice.

How to prepare for a disaster?

The loss of valuable data can happen to a large organization, hard drive, and your smartphone or tablet. Online backup services are one of the optimal ways to protect yourself against it. If you're on the fence and can’t decide which backup solution you need, read on. Here is my list of the best cloud backup apps.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a capacious and safe place for your digital media. You can reach it from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All the videos, documents, and other vital files like the photos of your adorable cat are securely backed up, so you won’t ever lose them. The app provides you 15 GB of free Google online storage.

You can also set access levels for users who want to view, edit, or leave comments on files and folders. Overall, Google Drive helps you to securely store your files and access them everywhere and anywhere you need.

2. MediaFire

You may choose a Basic or Pro account for using MediaFire. But as I’m writing about free Cloud Backup Solutions, let’s go through detailed information on why the Basic account is worth attention.

Basic users get access to 10GB of free space and can use this service without spending a dime. Just upload your files and access them from any other device at any time you wish. However, the MediaFire app is ad-supported.

3. Dropbox

This tool lets you store the needed files in a cloud-based online storage. It’s a considerable option because they won’t take up much space in your device’s physical memory. You can share the files with your friends or colleagues and work on them in a team. As a perk, you receive 2GB of storage for free. You will have to pay if you need more.

Okay, for fun, let's say, Adam lost his smartphone. We’re all sorry he doesn’t have the money to buy a new one, but a couple of months ago he made a rational decision and used Dropbox to automatically backup all the photo and video collections, PDF and Microsoft Office documents, and other work-related files. It’s a happy ending for Adam. Practically.

4. BitTorrent Sync

The BitTorrent Sync app creates your private cloud. When you connect computers, smartphones, tablets, the app safely synchronizes your data and never uploads them to third party servers. So, put all paranoid thoughts aside, my dear user. As the app doesn’t upload your files to a server, nobody else has access to your data.

The free plan offers you 2GB of storage, which can be increased through referrals.The BitTorrent Sync app supports all file types. Selective synchronization allows you to save only the files you require. The camera backup is automatic, and you can remove photos from your device and save space. Enough advantages, huh?

5. SugarSync

This tool is a good way not only to backup your files, but to access, synchronize, and share the data from any computer, smartphone, tablet or SugarSync website. You can easily share private files or public links.

The app may become your true lifesaver, and there are too little things to complain about. You can use the free 5GB plan for 90 days and enjoy all the handy features. I recommend you to give the SugarSync app a go.

6. Box

Would you like to have 10GB of free cloud storage? Me too. The Box app lets you safely store, manage, and share your media files and documents. Just imagine — all the data is at your fingertips. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You won’t need to make attachments. Just share massive files with a link. You may also, add comments to the documents, get offline access, and real-time search. Don’t worry about the safety. The Box app has a 5-level security control.

7. Microsoft OneDrive

Why not make your life easier with a convenient free cloud backup solution? With the Microsoft OneDrive app, you may do anything you need with your files wherever you are and whenever you want. It’s a free possibility to get 5GB of space and share data from your Android or iOS device, computer or tablet.

This easy-to-use app helps you to stay productive the whole day, work with your colleagues online and on the move. You can also quickly manage and save OneDrive files in the apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Don’t forget your roots

Ancient drawings in the Cueva de las Manos cave

The fear of losing data is not new. Information carved into stone can last millions of years; a book keeps it for hundreds and even thousands of years. Now we have computers and smartphones. And though our devices are encased in metal and plastic shells, they don’t provide complete security yet. Technology has heightened the threat of losing valuable data.

Should you use Dropbox instead of SugarSync or pray for Google Drive? It’s your choice. But don’t forget to install a cloud backup service to keep everything under control if you don’t have one. Feel free to share your ideas or suggestions. I'd be curious to read what you guys use.

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