A Chance To Get SomaFM, Other Apps For Free

A Chance To Get SomaFM, Other Apps For Free on Freepps Top Blog

There is a four-letter word which makes everyone flinch and forces our heart beat faster. This word is “sale”, and we can’t do anything about this. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you the news about a couple of iOS and Android mobile applications available for free for a limited period of time.

SomaFM for Android

SomaFM User Interface

If you are fond of music as much as we are, most likely, you have already found a player and a streaming service, which are perfect in all respects. Anyway, now you’ve got an opportunity to revise your decision. The point is that one of the not-so-famous and payment-based applications has suddenly become free of charge. 

We’re talking about the independent SomaFM streaming radio, which is known for streaming mainly electronic and indie tracks, providing its users with a year-round access to 30 radio channels. It is also characterized by a very user-friendly interface and simple navigation. Upon launching the app, you will see, at first, a list of categories to choose from and then stations for selection. One may initiate a search by such filters as genre, popularity, or favorites. 

SomaFM Feature Screenshots

For your information, the subscription used to be $4. The developer team has never counted on advertising for getting money, but they do have to do something to survive - perhaps, that is the reason for asking for donation located on the app’s official web site. The commercial-free status also means that music playback isn’t interrupted by ads or praising sponsors after every song, so that users can relax and enjoy the music. 

If you like a track you’ve listened to, you may use a built-in searching option, allowing to find and purchase the song on Amazon Music. Moreover, the developers didn’t leave a social part of the app aside, providing you with a chance to share good music with your friends and followers on Twitter or via email. Besides, you’ll be able to see a title of the song and an artist’s name for 10 last tracks.

The app has become free for Android only, while the iPhone owners still have to pay almost $8 for a subscription. We don’t know exactly, whether it’s a temporary action or a forever one, and that is why you shouldn’t lose the chance to give SomaFM a try, in case you’re interested in such a deal. 

Ripple Player for iOS

Ripple Player Design and Features

For a week only, devices running iOS may be enriched with one more interesting app - Ripple Player. Its functionality lies in automatic creating playlists specifically for you. 

The task is of a one-click move for you - particularly, you should choose a song as a basis for a future playlist, while the rest of the tracks matching it will be generated without your participation. If you wish, the playlists may consist of all the songs of the artist or of a particular album.

As for the UI, it looks like Material Design for iOS platform is rather colorful. The app also provides very simple interaction. Besides, its work is very stable. 

Weather Compare for iOS

Weather Compare Set of Parameters

In case you travel a lot or you’re just interested in other countries, or your work is connected with different geographical locations, the Weather Compare app is definitely a good find for you. With its help, you can check and compare different weather conditions in many countries simultaneously. 

The list of locations may consist of any number of them. Inside the app, there are several tabs for various weather patterns (temperature, wind, humidity, clouds, pressure, day length, etc.), which may be switched by a simple swiping. Refreshing the data is done by a pull-down gesture. If there is a need, one may change to the metric system in the Settings Menu. 

SelfieSafe for iOS

SalfieSafe Action Algorithm

As a rule, our friends and relatives may take our smartphones and look through their content. If you don’t use any app lock services (however, even they don’t help here sometimes), your personal data are always in danger of being revealed. 

This may be an especially burning issue for selfie-lovers, who used to take photos of themselves all the time. The point is, sometimes such selfies are too personal to be shared with others. 

The SelfieSafe app allows to take photos via full-featured camera without sending them to the device’s camera roll. Instead, it stores them in a safe folder, protected by a password or Touch ID. 

Furthermore, the app also contains the editing tools and filters to make your photos perfect before revealing them to others online. 

No one knows for how long such a deal will be relevant for the last two apps; so do not waste your time and have a look at these apps.

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