A New Take On Rayman Is Free-to-Play

A New Take On Rayman Is Free-to-Play on Freepps Top Blog

Rayman is certainly among the best recognizable game characters of all times. This jolly nosy guy looks as picturesque as the places he gets into, and Rayman games became real hits on the first PlayStation.

Of course, Android users couldn’t resist this running adventure too, so the famous developer Ubisoft has published two Rayman games and now has released yet another one.

Previous Rayman games like Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run remain paid. But in the new one named simply Rayman Adventures the company practices another way of monetizing. This time, the game is free, but with paid extras for real fans.

It’s still that side-scroller with adventurous line and rich graphics. Rayman’s series are always full of unexpected fun and crazy fantasy, “Adventures” makes no exception. This won’t be a dull mechanical side-scrolling fighting game, or (God help!) 2D runner with obstacles and coins. Rayman creators are better than that.

Rayman games became real hits on the first PlayStation.

Different levels suggest different tasks. Some are about item collecting, some require fighting skills, some combine a different kind of tasks. And still you need to react with perfect timing to jump over the obstacles, attack enemies, collect different items.

A graphic side of the game looks perfect and elaborate. It’s like watching a modern take on some classic cartoon we had enough time to forget. But we got more impressed by game controls developed for touchscreens.

Complicated levels require constant changing of direction, and now it’s easily done with a swipe in the direction you need. Still you use touch to jump and a swipe in the current direction to attack. The game is still easy to learn.

Rayman Adventures is available in most popular world’s languages. The graphics are just perfect for its genre, and even devices released in 2012-2013 can easily handle it. So it’s worth trying, no matter whether you have been a Rayman fan in PS1 time or you just like good games now.

Real life is not a fairytale, so we’ll have to put up with some ads periodically appearing in the game. But gaming experience doesn’t suffer much from that. So this free-to-play Rayman game is worth your attention anyway.

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  • s
    5 years ago
    Oh my G-d, I was looking for this game all year. When I then showed it to a friend, and I just could not put it down, this game with good gameplay and purpose in it.
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  • A
    5 years ago
    Played on my 8 bit concole Dendy, now play on my Android smartphone, my favourite game ever.
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