A Number of Useful Features Expected in Google Allo

A Number of Useful Features Expected in Google Allo on Freepps Top Blog

As you may know, a text messaging app called Google Allo was first announced by the company during a conference that happened several months ago. At the moment, we have an opportunity to get a sneak peek into the various features that will be coming to the application. Judging by the future features, we can definitely tell that Google is serious about making an application interesting to its users and able to compete with the services such as WhatsApp.

Which features will be available in Google Allo?

Those who are especially curious in the Google Allo got an opportunity to see what it will be like to use the application. Some of the most useful and exciting features of the app include:

1. Incognito chats. When activating this mode, you are able to hide your messages thanks to the encryption system and identity keys that are assigned to every person involved in a conversation. Also, a cool thing you can do is activate an expiration time for your chats, so that you don’t have every have to worry about your secret messages.

Hide the chats that you don’t want others to see with Incognito from Google Allo

2. Search options. Another feature that you will be happy to hear about is searching for contacts or certain words and phrases within conversations, thus making it a lot easier to find specific information.

3. Deleting messages. Just like in WhatsApps, you will be able to delete sent or received messages from the chat history. It should be noted that doing this will only affect the messages on your end.

4. Voice messaging. The app will come with quite a simple and straightforward voice messaging feature for those who want to get a break from typing.

5. Media sharing. If you like sending GIFs to your friends, you can easily do that in the app. Moreover, you have an opportunity to draw on images using several colors or type the text directly on them.

6. Google Assistant. If you get any questions, this assistant will talk back to you similarly to Siri.

7. Fun stickers. The application provides you with three packs of entertaining stickers that can definitely spice up any conversation.

 Use the most hilarious stickers preinstalled in Google Allo

When it comes to the functions that users wish were there, backup is one of the first things that come to mind. Apparently, the Google Allo app lacks this function, which means that if you decide to change your phone or simply reinstall the app, you won’t be able to restore your messages, which can be quite frustrating. Overall, the app certainly seems interesting and extensive, but only time will tell whether it will be able to compete with other text messaging giants that have already occupied prominent positions on the app market.

What do you think about Google Allo? Are you excited to try this application? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below

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