Accuweather For iOS Reviewed: The Thing To Talk About

Accuweather For iOS Reviewed: The Thing To Talk About on Freepps Top Blog

If you like to talk about the weather at the table you better think twice before installing AccuWeather app. It can make your talk much deeper and more rational – or kill it at all. And you’ll never know until you try! But if the weather is more than just a chatting topic for you, AccuWeather is just what you need.

The weather is one of those natural things we can’t control (with some exceptions) but can take into consideration. Today we don’t have to wait until the forecast is broadcasted on TV or radio or to look up the paper each time. Weather stations are placed all around the globe, and special services collect and process the data they provide. The resulting forecast is brought to our mobile devices via Internet services and apps, and AccuWeather is considered one of the best.

No need to argue about what weather brings; AccuWeather has proven itself to be a precise, trustworthy weather forecast provider. And after you install the app all you need to do is to trust it.

At the first sight there seems to be little information. 

The app doesn’t offer much to set up manually. You can save multiple locations and switch between them, choose the desired one at the launch. It’s important to notice that you should enter the names in the language of your interface, otherwise the app just won’t find them. And anyway it would be easier to search for English names. As you have understood, the app is available in most popular European and Asian languages, seemingly lacking only Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew translations.

You can select the desired units of temperature, distance, speed, and pressure. They are saved automatically and used from then on.

Whenever, wherever, weatherever

When you launch the app for the first time it requires access to your location. You can select your current location or set a custom location anywhere on Earth. After a short pause for searching it will detect your location (if you have selected your actual location) and show current weather condition.

At the first sight there seems to be little information. The app shows your current temperature (using default units), weather condition, the closest forecast for upcoming day or night. Current time is not displayed separately on the screen. There’s a background for that, and it changes constantly according to the time of the day. You can see the sun, the moon, clear or cloudy sky, depending on what’s actually up above. The app even shows lunar phases by shadowing some part of the Moon.

If you need a more detailed forecast you need to swipe up anywhere on the screen. What appears there looks like a long towel covered with data. The detailed forecast shows the humidity level in percent, the UV level (from 0 to 9 - obviously lacking about 5 extra points for Australia), wind speed and gusts, atmosphere pressure and the dew point. And it’s only the first line of what you have pulled out!

To see the weather as it is now you can watch some videos from your region that AccuWeather suggests. Maybe that’s too much if you need just numbers, but it may seem amusing for some users. Sometimes these videos show interesting phenomena of nature. By the way, that’s a great thing to show to your table neighbors to breathe some new life into weather talking!

Forecasts, Accucasts

Below these videos you can see a very detailed hourly forecast for nearest future. The closest time you select the more precise is the forecast. If you need to make your plans a bit further, just look below. You can set the number of the days displayed by moving the controller line.

And yet it’s not all. A bit lower you can find the map of your region with cloud coverage displayed right upon it. You can adjust the opacity to the most comfortable level. Use two fingers gestures to zoom the map in or out.

By pressing the red button in the right lower corner you can share the forecast via text, mail or social networking, select the map mode (satellite or AccuCast) or report a condition if you suppose the current forecast needs some correction. These interactive features help to make the map more precise.

The app also notifies you about the severe weather coming with push alerts and widgets in Notification Center. There’s a companion app for Apple Watch you can install with the main app in one touch. Isn’t that enough to talk about while drinking your tea? 

The weather is for free. And the forecast?

One of the greatest advantages of Internet weather services is their free availability. If you just need a precise forecast with a lot of details and options the free version is just enough for you. By the way, it behaves quite decently and doesn’t bother you with constant ads jumping out right into your face though they are there still.

Unless your business requires considering and forecasting the weather that far ahead we’d suggest you have a cup of coffee instead - maybe two.

But still there is a Platinum version. Its advantages seem very specific: it provides you with 25-day forecast (instead of free edition’s 15 days) and no ads at all. Is it worth paying $3.99? If you have no other idea about spending this amount you may think of it. But unless your business requires considering and forecasting the weather that far ahead we’d suggest you have a cup of coffee instead - maybe two.

The bottom Line

We really liked the app and the interface. The only possible issue about this app is the fact that it's the official AccuWeather app with no other sources available. If AccuWeather doesn’t provide a precise forecast for your region you’ll have to use another app where you can select a different forecast source. With this app, you’ll have to trust AccuWeather. But its precision is quite satisfying for most days and most places.

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