Add the Stickers To Your Snaps with The Snapchat Update

Add the Stickers To Your Snaps with The Snapchat Update on Freepps Top Blog

Snapchat introduces a range of stickers that the users can add to their Live Story broadcasts, photos, and videos, which they take using the application. Previously, the stickers were available only in the messaging feature of the application. With this new update, you definitely get even more opportunities to customize your snaps, thus entertaining yourself and your friends.

How can you use the new stickers?

The stickers are basically large and adorable icons that can be used to express your mood and simply have fun. The ones that you can use in Snapchat include colorful animals, various cute objects, symbols, speech bubbles with different phrases, and others. These stickers can be added to the videos or photos if you tap the note icon located at the top of the screen.

Colorful and fun icons in the Snapchat app

When it comes to the size of the stickers, they are bigger than the standard emojis, but you can change that. By simply dragging them on the screen the same way you would zoom in and out on your camera you can make them smaller if they take up too much space. Moreover, you can always move them around to find the perfect place. 

Do you use Snapchat? Tell us in the comments whether you plan on using the new stickers in your recordings. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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  • M
    1 year ago
    I'm so excited about this new stickers, i really want to try them! They will make my photos more colourful :)
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