​Adobe Post: Photoshop remixed Instagram-style

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Better filters and effects than in Instagram, much easier to master than Photoshop. Adobe has released a new app  - for the iPhone only so far - named Post. This app seems a good alternative for those sick and tired of built-in Instagram filters but still eager to stay mobile instead of involving PCs or Macs.

Where do you get pics for your square field? You’re not limited to your Gallery or Camera. There are also specific Adobe sources (Lightroom, Creative Cloud). You can also search free photos right from the app by keywords. All the displayed photos are from public domain. So you can easily find landscapes, different items, ad photos, but it’s much harder to find pics of celebrities, movie frames, music album covers or other proprietary or licensed content.

When adding text onto the pic, you can select from 37 fonts with different styles. There are handwriting-styled fonts, bold and italics, “military” Stencil STD, “drawn” Cabinsketch and many others. You can also adjust text frame shape and opacity, its color and pairing with the frame, align the text, adjust spacing and edit text as long as you’re ready to apply it. You can add as many text fields as you wish until they stop fitting in. And yes, the app supports character sets other from Latin (for example, Cyrillic) though you are limited to fewer fonts.

The palette section allows you to apply different palettes so you can color the added frame over the photo. The original image remains intact but obtains a different look due to the palette. Change the color by gestures on the palette you select.

And finally, there are filters. Not a great lot, just 9 of them so far. Of course Adobe had no intention of cloning Instagram or other filter-based editors, there’s more to bring. And still we wish there were more of them. The existing filters look traditionally retro, there are sepia, plain, old-fashion yellow or reddish ones. Futuristic filters with oversaturated dense colors are easier to find in different editing apps. And yes, you can share photos from Post to other editors to finish the process.

Another section you can make good use of is Design. It suggests you some prepared templates with images, text and text frames you can replace with your own content, leaving just layouts.

If you want to explore all the features and function of the app you can start with Remixes. Take prepared Posts from the main page and remix them like a musician remixes music, replacing original tracks with his own.

There is a useful option of the duplicating post. So you can apply different effects or texts to the same preprocessed photo and select the best version (or demonstrate them all to compare).

Posts in Adobe posts

The social component is almost absent in the app. You can log in with Adobe or Facebook account or share the resulting picture into any other app (like Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and so on).

Last but not least: your Posts are saved not as one-layer pics but as projects you can return to later. That’s Adobe anyway. To save a post to your Camera Roll, you’ll have to do it manually via Share menu. The same is required for sharing your posts on your SNS pages or sending in private messages.

Always take the scenic route

The company is bold enough to recommend this app not only for preparing photos before publishing on Facebook but also for making album covers, blog banners, invitation cards, business graphics and so on. Some would like it to function as a meme generator but it’s no problem if you save the exploitables.

Adobe Post is distributed for free and we didn’t find any paid extras. The hashtag #adobepost is always in the right lower corner, and there’s no option of removing it yet.

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  • M
    5 years ago
    Hmm, i thought that all products of Adobe are so difficult for a brain of simple human to start working with them. But this app compelled me to reconsider. Easy and intuitive design, just as an Instagram. I think I should try it necessarily!
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  • MD
    Michael D.
    5 years ago
    I'm tired of the filters in instagram, it is a fact. if there is any diversity in the new application - I would like to download this app for sure.
  • S
    5 years ago
    When I hear about Photoshop, I present a set of functions , and I think that something like: "Oh, it going to be awesome app!". But it's... I think the developers should to try more!
  • GH
    Gul Hassan
    5 years ago
    My twitter add does not share tweet via msg sand to mobile inbox plz solve me it problem any one thanx to all ADD NAME / twitter.com/PTV_Balochistan
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