Adobe Releases Premiere for Android

Adobe Releases Premiere for Android  on Freepps Top Blog
This week Adobe has finally released its clip maker for Android devices. 

Adobe used to pay attention mostly to the apps for IOS and PC, but now it’s really going to produce more for Android too. If you are going just to use some basic features of the Adobe Premiere then its app is totally free of charge for you, but if you would like to use in a more professional and specific ways you can always buy some extra packages. 

Premiere Clip for Android it’s not only a program that has the same features as the IOS version, it also has a specific design customized for Android devices. You can discover floating action buttons and integration with some Android features, which you’ve already accustomed to. As for the real functionality of the application, a lot of smart features are available in the Premiere Clip. 

You can easily adjust the speed of your video, change light or add some simple visual effects. You can also bring some external audio to your video, using the music library of your app or audio tracks from your device. Moreover, you can just pick some of your photos, appropriate music tracks and the Premiere will fast create a video of chosen pics. After that, you can easily change the showing pace and add several interesting effects. 

This app will help you create a simple video project on your phone, or to do some template for future video adjustment using the Adobe Premiere CC for the computers. This new app can really change your way of producing videos with your smartphone or tablet and bring something new to this process

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  • A
    2 years ago
    Wow! Adobe Premiere for Android! That's awesome! I have used the Windows version for about 3 years. But now I even haven't got to move the video shot by my Android device to my PC for there's an opportunity to correct or change it right straight away after it's been recorded. Very useful and exciting update from Adobe. Gonna always use it, for sure.
  • M
    2 years ago
    I've never heard about this application, so I decided to install for the sake of interest. It turned out to be a very useful thing! Simple and intuitive interface.
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