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The air travelling has been revolutionized by both aircraft and consumer experience innovations. Many of today’s air travelers have missed the time when a single ticket might contain multiple pages, and the staff removed them page by page as you proceeded to the terminal. I even remember how I stapled one page to the boarding pass (for which I had had to visit the company office) to have the proof that I have paid for my flight and luggage.

What dramatic difference I experienced last month! Then I only had to check in via the app the day before, and then show my ID at the control and the smartphone with my boarding pass! Then, the security officer scanned it, confirmed it, and I was through, up for the plane, my seat already assigned.

It’s a paradox that there still are airline companies that offer no better living through mobile apps. But most of them do. Here are the nine airline apps you can install and use, plus one that offers a decent replacement. It’s not a chart, because it’s all quite relative; so the companies follow in alphabetical order.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines app screenshot

As this app goes first on our list, we take its features as the default ones. So, the company offers features like finding flights and booking seats right from the app, checking in before the flight, and changing seats. The boarding pass you get is stored within the app. You can manage your reservations any possible way, including adding them to your system calendar, selecting the best seats, or cancelling. Alaska Airlines app has a smartwatch extension and is still available for Windows Phone (in case you’re still on it). It also lets you rent cars and book hotel suites.

American Airlines

American Airlines app screenshot

Along with all the basic features (like finding a flight, booking it, selecting the seat, or generating and storing the pass as a QR-code), the official app by American Airlines has some useful extras. For example, it has a built-in airport navigator – the element generic navigation apps usually fail. The rest is quite common: you can check the schedule, get a reminder, view standup and upgrade lists, and so on. You can download American Airlines app for iOS, Android, and separately for Amazon devices.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines FlyDelta app screenshot

In fact, Delta Air Lines app offers just the basic features, but if you are a frequent customer, you’ll get more from this app. It lets you manage your privileges as a member (for example, bonus miles, lounges, car rental bonuses and so on). The rest is quite usual. Along with Delta Airline app for Android and iOS, you can install the app for Windows, though you can as well use the web interface.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines app screenshot

It’s quite a basic app that nevertheless does its job of booking flights, storing boarding passes and notifying the user about any important changes or events. With Frontier Airlines app, you can check in before the flight, check its status, select a seat, and manage your luggage. The app also has a visual interactive map and great pictures of the places you can visit with it.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines app screenshotAlong with the traditional set of flight management features, Hawaiian Airlines also features airport maps (like those in American Airlines app) and some entertaining features. When onboard, you can use your installed app to access the onboard library of TV shows, movies, and other entertainment services.


JetBlue app screenshot

The app by JetBlue has all the musts of the airline app. With it you can book and manage your flights, select seats, order extras and pay for it all. The interesting feature is that you can handle your luggage and onboard entertainment as well as see what food and beverages you can have during the flight.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines app screenshot

The further you go, the easier it is to predict what the app has. Southwest Airlines app has all the features for paperless checking in and boarding. The pass can be saved within the app or exported as a PDF file you can open in the browser or receive as an email attachment.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines app screenshot

Does Spirit Airlines have an app? It didn’t until recently. It’s one of the latest companies to present its official app. And it offers just the regular set of features that we have described more than once. Book and manage your flights, choose seats, get notified before the flight to check in, store your boarding pass within the app, and so on. If you are a program member, just enter your number and benefit from all the bonuses you have from it.

United Airlines

United Airlines app screenshot

The app by United Airlines is one of the most advanced here. With it, you can control your booked flights, get boarding passes, select seats, and change an itinerary if the flight is delayed or cancelled. The app also lets you access the in-flight amenities, as well as helps you not get lost in the airport. In fact, it aggregates all the information you may ever want on your flight. United Airlines app for iPhone is perfectly compatible with Apple Watch and iMessage.

Virgin America

It’s a pure coincidence that the only carrier without its official app is the last on our list (no puns with the name, sorry). But instead, the company offers a great mobile website version that’s easy to use via your browser. Managing boarding passes in the browser may be a hassle, but you can send it to your email and then get an attachment that’s easy to bookmark or save and open when necessary.

What Do You Fly?

As you see, the apps bear the same core functionality, with some bonuses for club clients. If you have something to recommend or to warn about, you can drop a comment.

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