Amazon Prime Day: Discounted Movie Rentals, Echo Dot and Fire TV Recast

Amazon Prime Day: Discounted Movie Rentals, Echo Dot and Fire TV Recast on Freepps Top Blog

It’s like going shopping or to the cinema with a 50% discount, but without leaving home. Amazon announced its Prime Day that is scheduled to start on July 15, at midnight. In fact, it will last for 48 hours; and some limited deals will take place even before the date. The event will cover movies on Prime Video, hardware by Amazon, and millions of items by third-party sellers.

Why Prime?

Prime Video is Amazon’s service where you can purchase or rent movies for a reasonable price. Purchase means you can watch it any time you like, and rental is cheaper but active for a limited time. Well, it’s the same with Google Play Video, iTunes, or other similar services.

And, as Prime Day is coming, you can rent these videos even cheaper. For example, it only costs $2.99 to rent hits like “Us” by Jordan Peele. As you rent a movie, you need to start watching it before it expires in 30 days, and, once you started it, finish watching within 24 hours. The price for rental is approximately equal to a cinema ticket; but you can watch the movie with the party, at any suitable time, on any screen you like, so the experience may be even better.

The real celebration, though, starts before the official Prime Day. On July 10, at 9 PM, Amazon conducts Prime Day Concert that will be broadcasted on Prime Video so you can watch it online. The lineup will include stars like Dua Lipa, SZA, Becky G, and probably more, headlined by Taylor Swift. The playlist is already known to Alexa, so you can just ask her to play it even before the event, to warm up and prepare.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, it’s never too late. The first month is offered for free, as a fully functional demo, and then the price is just $12.99/mo or $119/yr. Yearly subscription saves you $26, but go through movies list to see whether Amazon Prime Video is the optimal choice for you.

Hardware and Rewardware

The deals also include popular devices by Amazon: Fire TV DVR, a TV box with a built-in 500 GB DVR, and a smart video doorbell with Echo Dot speaker. Both devices are Alexa-enabled and perfect for cord-cutters. No matter if you want to visit others’ life on TV, or someone wants to visit you; there are things for each situation.

Prime subscribers will get their $100 or greater discount on each of these devices. Fire TV DRV will cost $129.99 instead of regular $229.99, and Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is offered for just $169 instead of $298.99.

Let the Shopping Begin

And these are only deals by Amazon itself. Millions of independent sellers will support the day by offering their own discounts; these will be easy to find on the Amazon marketplace. So, if you like online shopping, wait until these days and then go all-in. But don’t get surprised if even Amazon with its great logistics is unable to deliver your material goods right on time. Because it will surely be pop-pop-popular.

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