And the Next Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 Is…

And the Next Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 Is… on Freepps Top Blog

While the next installment of The Sims is still unclear to ever appear, the current one, The Sims 4, is constantly getting new content. There is also a tradition of voting that defines the next Stuff Pack to roll out. And this time, in November 2019, it’s… Okay, no more waiting, it’s Arts & Crafts.

Well, it sounds way better than the last year’s winner Laundry Day, all laundry-centered, with dryers and washing machines. But there have been other worthy options.

The Voting 2019

There have been two favorites among the packs promoted this time. Along with Science & Technology, Self-Care Routines, and Fun-Tech, there were Happy Haunts and Arts & Crafts. All five were offered to vote for during an open survey for all the game fans.

As you already know, Arts & Crafts is the winner. It’s become the most voted for, so those who really wanted it in the game are now satisfied. But there were also lots of players who thought that the greatest life simulator lacks something mystical. Their favorite, Happy Haunts, was bringing some otherworldly stuff. For example, you could have selected a Ghost Hunter career for your character, or explore the world of spirits, or just go more mystical (as far as The Sims can). Well, it’s not over (though the best time for introducing Happy Haunts is probably the 2020 Halloween).

What We Got

Along with lots of new content, Arts & Crafts pack brings one new feature into the gameplay. The Arts & Crafts includes knitting, sculpting and glass fabrication, with embroidering and edible art also listed. It’s really a serious improvement, as hobbies are what The Sims 4 lacks.

Given that this month the game also got the University update, the volume of the new stuff is impressive. Do we really need a new The Sims game, with the current one so intensely supported? What do you think?

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