Android 6.0 Marshmallow Boasts a File Manager, Sort Of

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Boasts a File Manager, Sort Of on Freepps Top Blog

It’s hard to realize now, but until the fresh 6.0 version Android had no built-in file manager! The more we think of accessible Android file system, the stranger it feels, yeah. Of course, we always had it on our devices, but it was created by vendors for their own devices or by third-party developers. Now Android finally has its own File Manager, but Google developers did their best to keep it hidden.

You can search all over Apps box in your Android and never find it. Though the open file system is “a feature, not a bug”, Google still keeps it hidden from most users. But there’s still a way to launch it (though much more complicated than with third-party apps). 

First you have to launch Settings (as you do it usually). Select the “Storage & USB” tab (in Device section). It launches Storage Manager that’s meant for freeing space in your memory. That’s where you can see the free space on your device and the space taken by different types of files (Apps, Pics, Audio, Video and others). But its functions go far beyond this.

Just tap on any of the categories and scroll all the way down. At the bottom, you’ll find the Explore button. That’s it. The well-hidden file manager is here, and it gives you full access to your file system, including both onboard drive and external card. Google still prevents you from dealing with system files, so you can’t explore the root file system with it (you’ll have to root your device and use Root explorer, ES File Explorer or other third-party solutions).

This file manager allows you to browse folders, see files, select single or multiple files, open them in the default app or send them to apps you select (by long tapping). You can copy, rename or delete files or folders (like any decent file manager allows you to). But remember that system folders can’t be deleted or will be restored soon. There’s, unfortunately, no direct way to move files. You’ll have to copy them manually and then delete the original files.

When we say Google we mean Search. And there’s that magnifying glass that means Search. Just tap it and type in the name of the file of the folder you’re searching for. You can also select the view (grid or list) and sort files by formal parameters (name, type, date and size).

Of course, this file manager looks primitive. But now you can perform basic file operations without installing a special app for that. It’s especially great for devices with no Google Play preinstalled.

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    6 years ago
    Very user-friendly manager. Intuitive interface and my documents are never lost, I can quickly and easily find it.
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