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Would you mind winning an opportunity to get a paid app at no cost? Moreover, what if you have such a chance every day? This may have sounded weird before, but it’s absolutely real now, at least, for the Android OS users, who’re interested in a similar stuff. 

We’re talking about the application called Promo Codes, the instalment of which gives anyone a chance to become a winner of… another application. In fact, the algorithm is very simple - you just need to launch the app and tap on the I’m Feeling Lucky button. The very next moment you’ll know, whether you really are or not. If the answer is “Yes”, you’ll get a promo code to be entered for getting a free app, which requires a payment otherwise.

In case the luck isn’t on your side this particular day, you still may check the app by following this link so you can get to know more about the app you have almost caught. 

Besides, a lot of apps have the free-of-charge doppelgangers with a somewhat curtailed functionality. You can even purchase it, but, frankly speaking, there is no point in this as you’re allowed to try your luck the next day. Actually, you can do this daily. It even may become your morning routine action.

Promo Codes App for Android Functionality

One more intriguing thing is that you’ll never know, what application you’re going to get this time. Currently, the list of apps at stake is as follows: Today Calendar Pro, Twee, Nova Launcher Prime, Focus, Shuttle, Impressions, GoneMAD Music Player, Franco Kernel Updater, Relay for Reddit Pro, Cinnamon, and Progression. Besides, the developers promise to enlarge the assortment constantly due to the other app developers joining the project.

The only requirement for downloading the Promo Codes is Android 4.1+ powering your device. And that’s it - just present yourselves with a daily chance to become a winner. The app is absolutely free, so the spinning of a virtual roulette wheel won’t cost you anything, but it may help start your day with a smile and a good mood. 

Though, remember that you are allowed to press that button only once a day and not more. For your comfort, there is also a countdown timer, which shows the exact amount of time left for your next try. Feel free to give the Promo Codes app a look and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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