How to Make a Screenshot with Android Marshmallow: Alternative Perspective

 How to Make a Screenshot with Android Marshmallow: Alternative Perspective  on Freepps Top Blog

The era of smartphones has brought us plenty of goodies, including screenshots. Whatever the reason of capturing the screen of your device is, its a useful feature available for each user.

The algorithm is a simple one - the simultaneous pressing of the Power and Volume Down buttons. However, the practical implementation has stopped to be an easy task with an increasing size of modern displays. Especially if youre a girl with tiny hands.

Google Now on Tap Feature

Google Now on Tap is, perhaps, one of the most useful additions to the Android OS, which has become available with the release of its Marshmallow version. This feature may be activated by long-pressing the Home button. Then it scans a screen and gives the most relevant information about the content found on it.

For instance, you may activate Now on Tap while chatting about a caf to be visited tonight. Then youll be offered multiple links dealing with a topic of your discussion. The tool may be also used for getting to know the detailed information about a song or a movie. In fact, the feature shows amazing results, almost all the time.

Making Alternative Screenshots

However, there appeared one more function connected with it and with the before mentioned screenshots. Forgot about combinations of buttons! In case youre lucky enough to have the newest versions of both Android OS (6.0) and Google App (5.7.13), screenshot making may turn into something different for you.

Follow these steps to try the new feature:

  • Press the Home button to launch Google Now on Tap.
  • Tap the Share button on the lower left part of the pop-up menu.

There is not the third step, in case you are waiting for it. Everything else will be done automatically, including the wiping out of your phones status and navigation bars. After taking a screenshot, the feature will inquire about a service for further sharing.

One more point of this story is that such screenshots arent stored on users devices as it happens with the ordinary ones. It is either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on what you prefer.

In general, we dont need those photos of a screen the very second we share or post them somewhere. Anyway, its still possible to make traditional snap, if you want to save the result of screenshotting.

So, in case your device belongs to 0.5% of those currently running Android Marshmallow, you may take all the best of it. Share your thoughts on the topic.

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    Wow really great app! I was waiting something like this for a long time and Im so happy that i can use it now. Im working in a restaurant and this app sould all my previous problems with photos. Thanks a lot!
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    Very necessary application which helps me earn additional money as I need to make screenshots all the time.
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    I have been waiting for the description of the new features in android marshmallow. Now I will not have to put the third-party applications for making screenshots. And storage will not take up much space on your phone. It's great!
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