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Now in 2016, it looks like those Angry Birds have always been around. From a new type of game by Rovio meant for touchscreen the birds obsession stepped into real life, so now we have a whole lot of games, an animated show series, real games and attractions and even a movie about to hit the screens.

Before the movie starts off, the developers decided to remind us what these birds are all about, so the new Angry Birds Action is already available for iOS and Android. In fact, it’s been around for a month or two in limited access - for example, for iOS users from New Zealand, but it was rather a test drive.

The new take on Angry Birds looks more like a classical Pinball than a typical Angry Birds game. Anyway, what’s a typical Angry Birds game after Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Go!?

On a pseudo-3D virtual board, you launch the bird so that it saves as many eggs as it can. On its way, the bird should crush everything, from ice to wooden blocks, as it usually does. Level by level, it gets more and more complicated.

Angry Birds ActionAngry Birds Movie

Like in the original game, each bird type has its own way of destruction. In fact, that makes the game such fun. Well, this game is quite different, the movements are much more chaotic, but you get used to it after a level or two. By now there are 90 levels available; the updates may bring more.

The developers announce a revolutionary new feature that becomes available at the final titles of Angry Birds: The Movie. You should launch the game on your device instead of hurrying away when the titles start. 

Like in the original game, each bird type has its own way of destruction.

They don’t reveal the details, but it’s another reason to visit the cinema. But it’s certainly something about BirdCodes scanner, a tool for scanning offline Angry Birds items and getting digital bonuses for that.

This feature works in both ways: as you discover the Piggy Island within the game, you get access to some additional episodes not included in the theatrical cut of The Movie.

In fact, this BirdCode feature joining online and offline experience is the most interesting thing about new Rovio game. Maybe it will even stimulate us to purchase some offline Angry Birds merchandise.
Of course, Rovio would like us to use (or even abuse) in-app purchase feature. This time, we see that annoying expiring lives system that compels the players to refill by long waiting or by paying. As for us, we don’t mind paying for a cinema ticket or for a toy rather than that.

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