Angry Gran Run: New Challenges In Christmas Update

Angry Gran Run: New Challenges In Christmas Update on Freepps Top Blog

Angry Gran Run is an endless runner, and it’s not going to have any stops on holidays. The developers presented a Christmas update with the new exciting features to keep you running with the Angry Gran.

New Obstacles to Avoid

This time, once you escape the Angry Asylum, you run through the Christmas village full of new festive obstacles. It turns out Gran doesn’t feel any Christmas spirit as she avoids every sign of it: slides under the Santa’s sleigh, huge green dinosaur wearing a festive hat, candy barrier held by some slaphappy elves, jumps over the pile of gifts and Christmas puddings.

Besides, you can bash not just regular punks but a lot of Santas carelessly walking around the streets. If you hate Santa for some reason, it will be a great pleasure. Otherwise, you may have to beat him tearfully to gain points.

Bonuses and Prizes

The Angry Gran Run game doesn’t leave you without new prizes and bonuses. It provides the new items to earn or purchase such as coins, gems, and costumes.

There are lots of exclusive stuff you get in this update. And most of them you can win in the Mystery Machine, which let you collect prizes by tapping on a coupon at the end of each round. If you are lucky, then you will have a great chance to win something shiny and valuable.

With the beautiful updated graphics, you get yourself a fun and good-looking game to enjoy this Christmas.

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit? What do you think is the most exciting feature in the Angry Gran Run Christmas Update? Let us know in a comment section below.

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