Apple Adds Shopping Section to App Store

Apple Adds Shopping Section to App Store on Freepps Top Blog

While there’s no revolutionary device on the horizon, Apple makes relatively minor changes that will affect our everyday life (maybe) even stronger than another new iMac or Apple TV. The App Store for mobile devices now has another category named Shopping.

Lately nearly all major stores (both online and offline) have developed their own shopping apps. They are useful both for remote shopping with delivery and for being in the store. You can read items’ cards, add them to your cart and order, and while you’re in a certain department you can scan barcodes and get more info on what you see.

The new section is available for all Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). Before it was created shopping, apps could be found in the Lifestyle section. So it was hard to find them (unless you were searching for a certain app by name). Now it looks like small local stores all over the district are joined into a big mall.

The apps in this category will be focusing on shopping and social activity around shopping. There will be official stores’ apps, social apps with discussions and reviews, auctions, group and individual deals and so on.

To emphasize, this Apple has launched special collections of shopping apps. For example, there is Save While You Shop collection with applications that help you to find various deals, offers, coupons and so on. The Shop for Everything collection collates different shopping apps that should satisfy almost any shopping fan. You can select your category among others, so you can buy anything.

It’s a logical step for Apple indeed. The company consistently develops mobile shopping experience for its users. Fingerprint authentication, Apple Pay, now Shopping section: buying online from iDevices has never been so easy.

It’s not clear yet whether Apple TV App Store will receive this new category. It has Games and Entertainment sections so far. But it seems consistent to expand the shopping experience to other non-computer devices.


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    The good news, especially for girls, but I do not quite understand how it all going to work. Let's have a look
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