Apple Announces An Update Of The App Store

Apple Announces An Update Of The App Store on Freepps Top Blog

The owners of iOS devices have been downloading the applications from the App Store for years and are well familiar with the design and features of the store. But, some things are about to change quite soon with Apple announcing a major update.

What can the users expect from the update?

According to Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, one of the changes is that the application reviews in the App Store will become available a lot faster. At the moment, the reviews of apps are made over the course of five days before they can be added to the Store for users to download. The purpose of such reviews is to make sure that the applications are safe to use, legal, and are not breaching any established developer guidelines.

With the update, about ninety percent of the apps will be reviewed in two days, and fifty percent – in one day.

Another important change is the introduction of App Store ads in search. It means that when you’re trying to find an app by the keyword or its name, the developers that paid for their apps will appear at the top.

When it comes to the update that will be noticed by the users, it concerns the discovery of apps. Apple plans on changing the “Featured” section so that the users don’t see the applications that are already installed on their devices, thus actually discovering the new ones they might enjoy. Also, the Categories tab will be reintroduced to the App Store, so you can share the apps you like with others with 3D Touch.

What are your thoughts on this update? Do you think Apple should add some other features? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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