Apple Mobile Network Will Operate in the USA and Europe

Apple Mobile Network Will Operate in the USA and Europe on Freepps Top Blog

Business Insider reports that Apple has started the ball rolling by negotiating mobile network operation process in the USA and Europe. The company is planning to launch the project in collaboration with telecommunication businesses. Apple mobile operator will be able to launch trademark mobile virtual network across the USA and Europe. As it has been announced, they have already successfully started to test their new mobile service in the USA and they are negotiating for this innovation with prospective business partners in Europe.

Apple mobile network will make their service available for all iPhone users. The company has created a special efficient system provided exclusively to their clients. The scheme will be powered by the existing ecosystem of the company and the actual functioning infrastructure of American and European mobile operators. The whole service will be used by Apple. We would notice that you will be able to use mobile communication from your iPone, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. In addition to this innovation, Apple provides brand SIM-cards which are distributed among several mobile operators now.

Some experts claim that this project is quite risky as they refer to the negative experience of Disney and ESPN. These companies have already tried to launch their virtual operator services but they have failed.

It is reported that Apple mobile operator will provide mobile virtual connection directly to the customers renting the required space from major telecommunication companies. Apple is planning a long-term project in order to cooperate with their business partners at least 5 years or more. Business Insider has reported earlier that Apple has been currently testing iCloud service and voice mail which are designed to convert voice mail into messages via Siri.

Apple Mobile Network

Obviously, Apple is consistently planning to control the voice mail project until their virtual operator has been totally launched. At present the operators keep all the voice messages received, but when the new service is launched, the situation will definitely change.

It should be noticed that Apple’s lawyers applied for the patent for virtual mobile communication service in 2006 and prolonged request at the Patent and Trademark Office of the USA. The company confirmed their plans in 2014 having launched Apple-SIM that allowed users to switch the networks using only one SIM-card. This function allows you to connect to different mobile operators. Nowadays the SIM-card is virtually available for iPad 2 and iPad Mini 3 and it will be available for iPhones in the nearest future.

By the way, Google is literally nipping at their heels. Google also has started to test their own mobile network operator in the USA. As things stand now, the service will be offered to the users of Nexus 6 only.

Apple Mobile Network

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    Interesting innovation! aside from the described feature, Apple provides brand SIM-cards which are distributed among several mobile operators now.
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