​Top 25 Apps Of 2015: Apple VS Google

​Top 25 Apps Of 2015: Apple VS Google on Freepps Top Blog

We have already come to the end of December. This time of the year isn’t associated with a holiday season only but with summing everything up, too. It’s a prime time to think over all the things we have got or lost during the whole year. Google and Apple Companies also keep this tradition. A couple of days ago both players published their own collections of apps considering to be the best of the current year. 

The most interesting moment is that only 3 apps have appeared in the both lists. They are as follows: Robinhood, HBO Now, and Jet. However, the places they occupy in the lists differ. Robinhood is the 3rd on iTunes App Store and the 5th on Google’s list. HBO Now took the 6th and the 12th positions respectively, while Jet is the 13th and the 2nd in the before mentioned selections. So, we offer you to read a few words about top 25 apps of the rival platforms, in case you’re not familiar with some of them.

Winners On Both Sides

Robinhood + HBO Now + Jet

Robinhood is a completely free stock trading application with zero commission in favor of its developers. However, this doesn’t prevent it from being a full-featured one. You may not worry about your account security with the enhanced protection.

HBO Now with its 30-days free trial is a nice streaming service with a great variety of TV series, movies, sports events, and talk shows as well as devices supported. A monthly subscription costs $15 with an unlimited access to the content.
Jet is a shopping app that provides its users with a lot of coupons and savings from more than 600 web stores. One may save his cash considerably, viewing the offered deals. 

Top 3 Apps from Apple 2015

Apple's Choice Of Best Applications 

Periscope is an app for broadcasting video in a real-time mode. All user’s followers will be immediately notified of a new streaming and will be able to join, rate, and comment it. 

Enlight is called “a photographer’s dream app” which can substitute all the others photo editing apps on your device. It’s a powerful service with user-friendly interface and plenty of various professional tools. 

Workflow may be classified as a unique one, allowing to do an operation that usually takes 5-6 taps just with one tap. It helps create a sort of shortcuts for quick performing the repeating actions on your smartphone. 

Instagram is a well-known photo service, providing users with an opportunity to explore the world with the help of other people’s profiles and their images posted. 

Hopper will be especially handy for those who travel a lot as it helps economize your costs greatly by showing the predictions for the lowest prices for flights. 

Screenshots of Darkroom iOS

Darkroom is a one more photo editor in the list. It is distinguished by the lack of importing images stage. Besides, you can adjust the curves like in Photoshop, for example. 

Lark gives everyone an opportunity to become healthy and slim with different exercise programs and nutritional advice. 

The Everything Machine may be very useful for children and their development as it allows to create various machines from the phone’s constituents and sensors. This app is almost endless while the process of creation takes a couple of minutes.

Pacemaker is a good app for creating your own audio mixes. You’ll have a personal assistant which is aimed to guide you through the app and help with mixes.

Tandem offers one more strategy of learning a foreign language via communication with a native speaker. Just learn your target language and have fun with your partner.

Timeline’s News Categories

Timeline is a wonderful news application with a historical context for every news posted. It’s like a time-traveling machine which sends to the most significant events of the past that are of vital importance for understanding today. 

Vee for Video is a video making and editing app, supporting the 1024 resolution and allowing to share your creation via services you need. 

Fit Men Cook proves that healthy food may be cheap and tasty. Find the detailed instructions and full recipe videos inside the app. 

Spark is a new client for managing users’ emails with the priorities, smart search and notifications, quick reply and saving attachments, etc.

RefME is a cool tool for generating citations of different styles (more than 7 thousand of them are supported). This is possible via scanning the sources’ barcodes.

Wildcard may help, if you want to find something interesting for reading, watching, or listening. Get the full review of what is going on worldwide 24/7.

Keep All Your Notes in One Place with Paper

Paper is your personal digital note that is always with you. No matter when you have an inspiration, just launch Paper and write it down, add various attachments (sketches, photos, etc.) and keep them all together.

GIPHY CAM makes your photos live by creating them in a form of a GIF. Show your emotions, add the effects and filters, and share them with others easily.

PRY is an amazing story with atmospheric illustrations, well-done video clips, and mysterious plot. Only the 1st part of the story is available at the moment.

Reuters TV: Video News is another news service created every day by 2,500 of journalists from all over the world. Get to know about the most significant events, even without the connection.

Zova includes various workout programs for comfortable going in for sports and setting goals to be achieved. 

Blue Apron is the last in Apple’s list. It also represents the culinary part of the Store, offering 10 seasonal recipes weekly.

Google Play Store Winners 

Colorfy helps calm down via coloring different drawings. Relax while coloring - even without a connection - and forget about all the stressful things.

Khan Academy is a perfect learning tool in different sciences that is absolutely free of charge. It may boast of a rich material base and an advance search.

Flipagram may help create a unique story of your life, love, or journey in a form of music video or slideshow.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was created for easy experimenting with your photos on a mobile device. You may edit and share them whenever and wherever you wish.

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio is surprisingly a shopping app, providing users with the best experience and opportunities to view the high-resolution photos and videos about items.

Communicate via Emoji with Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard Emoji is an easy-to-use keyboard, being able to check and correct your mistakes as well as predict the words. It also allows to communicate via sharing stickers and emoji.

Language Learning is a must-have tool for all those who are eager to learn English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and six other languages within an interactive course.

Cute allows buying hundreds of beauty products with huge savings. 

theScore aims to provide users with news, statistics, and the most relevant results of matches of almost all the kinds of sport. 

WPS Office + PDF is an essential app for those who need to work with documents on the go.

Dashlane Password Manager in Action

Dashlane Password Manager offers a safe shelter for all your personal data, IDs, and passwords for apps and sites.

Backgrounds HD stores more than 8 thousand high-quality wallpapers of the multiple categories available for free.

Kitchen Stories is a nice app for training users’ cooking skills and discovering delicious dishes with detailed cooking instructions.

Toca Nature provides you with a chance to become a creator of a little natural world and explore it in its progress.

YouTube Kids may offer your child a safe user experience for spending time watching the didactic videos and entertaining stories. 

Showtime gives a chance to watch all your favorite TV shows and series, movies and sport events, organizing them into easy-to-access playlists.

Develop Your Abilities with Peak

Peak trains your mind with challenging games and improves your productivity every day, spending only a few minutes for it. 

Retrica is for saving the moments we live in. Take photos and edit them, apply filters, create collages, and share with others in social nets.

Memrise Learn Languages is another perfect tool for language studying, offering hundreds of adaptive courses. You’re supposed to learn more than 40 words a minute with it.

Trulia Real Estate & Rentals provides you with a powerful searching machine for finding the house of your dream. View the locations, details, nearby establishments, and much more.

Wishbone allows to compare almost anything and choose between films, actors, fruits, sports, looks, etc. View your friends’ choices, too.

We Heart It is a backgrounds store for your smartphone and a daily inspirer made up by ordinary users and celebrities. 

The Final Word 

We can easily notice the difference between thematic accents made by Google and Apple users.  Though, the top status of these apps doesn’t mean that all of them will be extremely helpful for any user who downloads it. However, if you suggest that you might get at least some pleasant user experience, feel free to install some of them and try yourself.

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