Apple’s Cloud Gaming Service vs. Gacha Gaming

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Now that Apple’s game subscription service dubbed Apple Arcade has been launched, a lot of experts wonder how it will influence the mobile gaming market. Particularly, video gaming connoisseurs are trying to predict how Apple Arcade will influence Gacha Gaming, one of the finest examples of the in-app-purchase types of games. 

In the present day, Gacha Games are very effective and profitable. Gacha Life is among thousands of popular mobile Gacha Games available on At our website, you can read the Gacha Life game review and then switch to downloading it from Google Play. They even say that Gacha Life 2 is about to be launched — great news for the fans! 

In this post, we will dwell upon the issue of how Apple’s game subscription service will change the highly profitable in-app-purchase (shortened to as IAP) game system and the world of mobile video games in general. Enjoy reading — and don’t forget to bookmark our website for more news and reviews covering the smartphone gaming topic.  

Apple Arcade and Its Influence on Gacha Gaming

With Apple Arcade launch and the hype around it, a multitude of theories emerged on how these cloud gaming services will change the mobile gaming scene. As of today, the IAP mobile game format is considered to be the most effective and profitable. This model includes Gacha Games as well. 

So, how is Apple’s game subscription service going to impact Gacha Games? Our experts have pondered over this issue and are now ready to share their predictions with you. On the whole, Apple Arcade will not influence Gacha Games significantly. Similar to parallels that never meet, the target audience of these services is different. 

In its essence, Apple Arcade aims to provide an extensive console gaming experience on various platforms, eliminating the necessity to purchase games individually thanks to its subscription format. While a few fans of Gacha Games may have anticipated this kind of system and will happily switch, the majority of the IAP game enthusiasts will likely stay with what they’re used to. And here’s why...

Apple Arcade vs. Gacha Games: Fundamental Differences

  • In Gacha games, players dedicate short periods of time to completing individual missions. With regard to the console-friendly titles, they are usually more time-consuming — something that disappoints the majority of Gacha Game fans. 
  • The main attraction of the IAP titles is that they shower their fans with awesome psychological rewards giving them the true sense of uniqueness and power. Taking into account Apple Arcade’s stringent no-IAP rules, this is something Apple’s cloud gaming service cannot offer to their users. Therefore, despite certain negative thoughts about Gacha Games, their fans will hardly ever swap them for Apple Arcade.
  • Unlike the titles featured within Apple’s and Google’s cloud gaming services, Gacha Games are available on both Android and iOS devices. In addition to this, platform uniqueness and exclusivity is something that can be easily disputed.    

So, generally speaking, Apple Arcade will have a harmful impact on independent gaming software developers. They will have to engage in competing with the power players Apple has employed. Furthermore, the subscription system will make them choose between joining in or leaving the gaming scene. 

Apple’s Game Subscription Service or IAP Games?

What about you? Would you rather opt for Apple Arcade? Or do you prefer Gacha Games? Why? Set the comment section below on fire with your hot answers and opinions. We value your point of view greatly. Remember to come back to from time to time for more mobile gaming-related breaking news and expert-approved reviews.

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