Apps Gone Free: Angle Meter Pro, Reminders Widget, Ruler

Apps Gone Free: Angle Meter Pro, Reminders Widget, Ruler on Freepps Top Blog

App Store is a number one place for iOS users to download their applications, and one of its cool features is that the paid apps occasionally become free if developers make that decision. If you’re not someone who is willing to spend money on fun apps, then it’s definitely your chance to avoid paying. Here are four of the most interesting applications that have become free. Don’t wait too long before deciding to install them, as they may change their status quite soon.

1. Angle Meter Pro

Quick measuring of angles using your iPhone with installed Angle Meter Pro

As you can guess from the name, Angle Meter Pro is an app designed to measure slopes or angles with the help of your iOS device. In the app, you will find two modes to choose from depending on your situation. By choosing the first mode, you will be able to measure the angle directly by placing your device with the installed app on the surface of the object. It can be done quickly and easily if the items you need to measure are close to you. The second mode is just what you need for the objects in the distance – all you need to do is take a picture. It’s undeniably a cool application to have on your device if you regularly use similar tools in your everyday life.

2. Reminders Widget

Remembering all tasks you need to complete using Reminders Widget

Setting reminders is an excellent way to reduce the level of stress in your life as you won’t have to rely solely on your memory. The Reminders Widget app is a great application to use when you have a lot on your plate, and you want all the tasks to be organized and easily accessible. A cool thing about this particular widget is that you can view the information and add more reminders without unlocking your device. You can arrange your reminders according to groups, due dates, and names so that you definitely don’t forget anything important.

3. Ruler

Simple yet effective Ruler application for quick measuring

You will probably agree that the majority of people don’t carry around a ruler unless they are engineers or math students. But, there are times when you may need to use one, but won’t be able to find it anywhere. Fortunately, by installing a simple Ruler app, you will know that you always have this tool with you wherever you go. This application offers you a virtual ruler that is 5 meters or 17 feet long. The app is extremely easy to use – just place your finger on the screen and slide your device with the other hand. To reel off, you need to pull the arrow down with your finger. It will take some practice to get it correctly, but once you do, the results you will get are pretty accurate.

Download free apps to explore new features

All the apps mentioned in this article are designed for quite specific purposes, so it’s up to you to decide whether you need such application on your device. If your work involves measuring angles and length, then installing the Angle Meter and Ruler apps is certainly a good idea. Professional musicians and those who’re simply interested in learning more about this art will definitely benefit from having TapNote on their devices to come up with interesting ideas on the go. Reminders Widget is perfect for any user who leads a busy life to help deal with different tasks in the most effective way. 

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