Apps Gone Free by April 26th: Productivity Set for iOS

Apps Gone Free by April 26th: Productivity Set for iOS on Freepps Top Blog

Productivity apps for iOS usually cost. But sometimes they go free, and they can save you a lot of time and nerve on completing everyday tasks, like calculating sums, finding your car on the parking lane, unloading your storage or planning tasks.

The apps we have collected today seem to have gone free permanently. At least, we haven’t found any signs of this offer as a temporary one. But we’d recommend you hurry up to have them and start a better life right away.


Accomplished appReminders and alerts

OK, you already have a calendar and a note app on your iPhone or iPad. But there’s always some place for improvements. Accomplished is the app that helps you to keep track of your plans and missions, a task manager joined with a note app.

Make your plans, write them down in the app and mark the completed missions. The app has a simple interface and nothing to distract you from its mission. An intuitive interface looks like you have already spent years with it, even of you see the app for the first time.

There’s a built-in list of activities you can select from, and it makes your planning much simpler. Easy-to-add activities suddenly become easier to do in your real life. That’s the section that makes the app worth using.

Eazy Storage Manager

Eazy Storage ManagerVideo file

Yes, it's still an actual problem for iDevices with that minimal 16 GB storage. When your memory gets filled the things go hard for you. 

This tight ship has to be unloaded, and a good way to do it is compressing your media files. Today’s compressing algorithms provide decent quality, the resulting files look and sound almost like original ones.

Eazy Storage Manager helps you to compress your photos so they take less space. Of course, if you intend to print or process some of them like a pro, you better save the originals. 

But if you only publish your pics on Instagram or Facebook, why not compress them? The app also works as a specific file manager. It sorts your files by size and suggest you delete the heaviest ones.

Yes, a versatile file manager has more functions, but ESM is a good one trick app. 16 GB iPhone or iPad owners will benefit a lot from it.


Kalculator appCalculations in Kalculator

This app with German-like name writing is, in fact, a calculator meant to save your time. As the developers say, it’s for large volumes of simple calculations where you have to use complicated arithmetical expressions. 

No need to use giants like Excel, the simple Kalculator will do. It saves the history of your calculations, supports data export, has an easy-to-use high-contrast design. For different devices, the app’s appearance will differ to use the screen space in the most efficient way and to display maximum info.

And besides that all, it has a companion app for Apple Watch. So you won’t even have to take out your iPhone to make a simple calculation. Resembles those Chinese all-in-one electronic watches, doesn’t it?

There’s even more: no matter how many instances of Kalculator you use on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, your calculations results and history will always be synced without special efforts.

Make sure to grab these apps while the offer still lasts!

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