Apps Gone Free: Jack Lumber, Cleu, BendyBooth

Apps Gone Free: Jack Lumber, Cleu, BendyBooth on Freepps Top Blog

Every once in a while, the developers decide to make their applications free, so why not take this opportunity to find new favorites without having to spend your money? While most of the applications are usually not expensive, if you regularly try out the new ones, these little expenses can add up. The apps that have just become free are easy-to-use and quite entertaining. 

1. Jack Lumber

Cutting trees is now fun in the Jack Lumber application

If you’re a fan of games where you have to chop certain things, such as Fruit Ninja, you will undoubtedly like this application. In the game, you have to play someone called Jack who wants to get revenge on the forest that has killed his ole' Granny by chopping down as many trees as he can. Once you put the finger on the screen to start playing, you enter the LumberTime, which slows everything down and gives you a chance to chop the logs. But, you should be careful not to harm the animals that live in the forest. The game rewards you for making perfect cuts.

2. Cleu

Personalizing your alarm clock is fun with Cleu

Cleu is a useful alarm clock to have if you want to make sure you actually wake up at the right time in the morning. The interface of the application displays the time, weather information, and your agenda for the day. With the help of Cleu, you can set several alarms for different times, pick the tune you want to wake up to, and adjust the duration of the snooze. You can disable the alarm by connecting the dots that appear on the screen.

3. BendyBooth

Distorting your face in BendyBooth has never been more entertaining

BendyBooth is a fun app that offers you 28 different effects to distort your face. Both children and adults can entertain themselves with these absolutely ridiculous effects that can be applied to the faces in real-time. You can change how intense you want the distortions to be and use them on either your photos or videos. You can also slow down or speed up the videos you have filmed. Besides the real-time mode, the effects can also be added after you have recorded a video or taken a photo.

Enjoy free fun with these awesome iOS applications

It’s not always about the most useful applications, sometimes you just want to relax and get distracted from your busy schedule and never-ending work tasks. Whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam, have to wait in line, or generally bored, playing one of the games will make time go by a lot faster. By installing the alarm clock app and customizing it to your needs, you can make sure that you start your day on the right foot. The great thing is that these apps are free for now, so you don’t risk anything - provided you download them while the offer still lasts!

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  • S
    5 years ago
    I'm happy Jack Lumber gone free, because i wanted to try this game for so long. And now i can do this :)
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  • C
    5 years ago
    My little son really enjoyed Jack Lumber and BendyBooth apps! They are very fun, BendyBooth is his favourit now!
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