Apps Gone Free: PicIt! Pro, News All in One, Euphoric

Apps Gone Free: PicIt! Pro, News All in One, Euphoric on Freepps Top Blog

Seeing the prices for some apps can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re used to trying something new every single day. Fortunately, developers like to occasionally please iPhone users by making their applications free for a limited time. These are some of the apps that have become free and are worthy of your attention.

1. PicIt! Pro

Everything you need for organizing your photos in PicIt! Plus

This application is created to organize your photo collection in the most convenient way possible. Great design and user-friendly interface of PicIt! Pro allow you to easily access, retrieve, and share your captured memories. With the help of this app, you will be able to search for particular images by date or state/country where they were taken. Using the MapIt! feature, you are able to mark the exact locations on your journey. It is a useful app for those who enjoy taking photos and travel a lot.

2. News All in One

A large number of news agencies available in News All in One

Having one place to look up all the news is definitely extremely convenient, and the News All in One app gives you this opportunity. News All in One app will save the storage on your device, and you won’t have to switch from one app to another to read the news from different sources. Some of the news agencies represented in the app include Reuters, BBC, USA Today, New York Times, CNN, NBC News, and many others. The favorites tab in the app allows you to find everything you need without any problems.

3. Euphonic

Effective and easy tuning of the instruments with Euphoric

Euphoric is an excellent application for both professional musicians and amateurs. The app is designed to help you tune your instruments in the easiest way. Moreover, different notes are marked with different colors, so you can train yourself to associate the pitch with certain shades. Another useful feature of the Euphoric app is a simple metronome, which will help you develop a reliable sense of rhythm.

Enjoy these useful apps for iPhone users

Some people like trying out new apps while others prefer to stick to the ones they already know. Regardless of your opinion on this matter, you don’t risk anything by trying out these applications while they are still free. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself a new favorite! The apps on the list work seamlessly on the iOS devices, and their easy-to-follow interfaces make them a joy to use.

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