Apps Gone Free Today: Puzzles, Cafe, Resort Simulators

Apps Gone Free Today: Puzzles, Cafe, Resort Simulators on Freepps Top Blog

Leave productivity apps for later, as spring is a light-minded time, so today’s issue is all about games. Today we have one puzzle for Android and two simulators for iOS. Take your phones and tablets with you outside and enjoy free games under the sky!

Fruity Blast (Android)

Fruity BlastFruity blast

Yes, it’s yet another Match-3 game, but we all like to move gems and see them disappear with a smoke, right? This take on the popular idea doesn’t have a long plot like Candy Crush Saga or other games similar to King’s, but yet it has some attraction. The elements of the game are adorable fruits you move.

The developer has packed the game with over 100 levels with increasing complexity. It hardly can be called a “saga”, but is there this word in the name? With no cosmic ambitions, it’s just a piece of good entertainment.
It looks a bit strange that this app has ever been paid, with a world full of free alternatives.

But in fact, there were thousands of happy users preferring this game to its analogs even when it was paid. Now you can try this time-killer for free, but it still has in-app purchases.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort HD (iOS)

Virtual city 2

It seems there’s no need to introduce this popular city management simulator. This time, the app has gone free, or rather free-to-play. The developers will still propose you a lot of paid bonuses, but it will be easier for you to enter this sunny and tidy resort at the sea.

If you managed to miss this game somehow, we remind you that Virtual City is a classic game simulating city management. You’re the Mayor of a coastal town building it up and wide, so it grows from a small village into a 21st century’s big city. Build roads, create new facilities, attract new inhabitants and tourists with all you can and welcome your friends to your virtual city.

Though the app has been available for several years and seems to have completely transferred from a paid model to free-to-play, the developers can roll back, so if you wish to try this game, don’t postpone it. Virtual City is one of the most prominent games of its kind, and there seem no new rivals in this tightly filled niche.

Among the Heavens - Cafe Management Game (iOS)

Among the Heavens

Cafe simulators are a popular class of games requiring all of your attention and sharpness of mind. “Among the Heavens” brings some mystical flavor into the traditional sim mechanics. Your characters CID and Markus are on a mission of saving an old tavern in a fantasy world. 

Thus, you can expect a lot of unusual dishes, unhuman guests and all that magic stuff, here taken with a pinch of irony.

These games’ motto is “To Serve and Cook”, so you’ll spend most of your time taking clients’ orders and bringing them to the right tables. Level by level you’ll discover new worlds you open your taverns in. By that time, you’ll learn all the potions and dishes your guests prefer, and it’ll make you smile.

Among the Heavens has gone free for an indefinite time, so if you like this kind of sims, you’d better not linger. All iOS apps can regain their paid status in a blink.

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