Apps Gone Free: Wireless Drive, Moment Mix Pro, Smart Translator

Apps Gone Free: Wireless Drive, Moment Mix Pro, Smart Translator on Freepps Top Blog

Do you hate spending your money on new apps? We totally understand, as there are so many amazing apps out there to try, so you it’s pretty easy to spend a lot if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are just as many great apps that can be downloaded without paying, and the ones we offer you in this article have just become free. Make sure you try them out before the deals are no longer relevant.

1. Wireless Drive

Convenience and ease of use as the defining characteristics of Wireless Drive

The Wireless Drive app is created for the purpose of turning your iOS device into a wireless hard drive, which works over Wi-Fi. The app is extremely simple and convenient – it allows you to transfer various files without restrictions and supports any formats and sizes. The app is just what you need if you often have to transfer different documents from home to office or exchange them with your colleagues. Thanks to this app, you can forget about having to carry around a USB driver.

2. Moment Mix Pro

Numerous editing and sharing opportunities available in Moment Mix Pro

Moment Mix Pro is an excellent app for making quick collages and it features a great number of sharing options (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and tools to make them look just the way you want. The app includes a ton of templates that you can customize according to your needs and choose the resolutions, backgrounds, borders, shadows, and more. You can also improve your photo collages with the help of light effects and filters. Your progress while working on your images gets saved and you can easily continue later when you get an opportunity.

3. Smart Translator

A large number of languages and speech recognition as a part of Smart Translator

The last but not least is Smart Translator. As you can guess by the name, it is an app that helps you translate your speech or text into a number of different languages. There are more than 40 languages that you can translate your text into, including Spanish, English, Chinese, Swedish, Polish, and others. You can send the text you’ve translated as a text messages or email, share it on social networks, or print it. Overall, it’s a great application to have if you often find yourself having to translate the information.

Find the apps you like with zero risk!

You may have experienced the feeling of hesitation before purchasing the app, because you never know whether it will be just as you expected and work properly on your device. Even if you read all the reviews, there is still a risk that you may not like it. Fortunately, when the apps are free, you avoid this problem completely and can try as many of them as you have time for. We recommend you to consider the apps on the list and download them while they are still free. 


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