Apps to Fit You Up. Part 2. Best Apps For Home Or Gym Workout

Apps to Fit You Up. Part 2. Best Apps For Home Or Gym Workout on Freepps Top Blog

Too cold outside to go out running? Or you’re waiting for the bike of your dream to be delivered, but don’t want to spend this time without workouts? OK, you won’t have to go far.

If you’re out to the nearest gym, these apps below will help you organize your training process. And if you prefer home workouts, they will show you how to make use of what’s at your disposal.

Just like in the previous part, the apps from the list below are free but may have some paid extras. Well, even the premium subscription still will be cheaper than visiting the real gym, and anyway, it’s not necessary.

We must also warn you that the virtual equipment won’t do. The work should be done by yourself, as well as your motivation is up to you, and the apps will only assist in your own decision. But still there is something to motivate you at the end of the list…

Workout Trainer

A pocket-size trainerA pocket-size trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimbler seems to have become a standard of the industry. The service has an enormous database containing thousands of exercises you can generate your workout program of. Each exercise has its audio and video instructions you can watch and follow while doing it. 

The app is optimized for reaching different goals: weight loss, heavyweight training, or just general fitness. It proposes a lot of standard workout programs, perfect for beginners.

Workout Trainer is simple to use even if you’ve spent your life away from any sports. Still it’s meant for those taking sports seriously, so the possibilities are great. 

You can add your own notes to your training logs, customize your experience with entering your personal data, follow the workout program generated for you by service or edit it manually.

The Workout Trainer app is integrated with S Health and Google Fit, so you can easily switch to and from any other fitness service.

Of course, Skimble promotes its Pro account with personal trainer consultations, access to forums, challenges, personalized workouts, and finally no ads in the app. Yes, it’s much cheaper than the real gym, but still you can start with it for free.


Jefits gonna make you big!Jefits gonna make you big!

This app (and a service, of course) is first of all meant for bodybuilders, for those eager to pay most attention to the sporting part of the process and not dive deep into digital stuff. Jefit is considered one of the simplest of its kind. It takes just a few actions to generate your workout program, to log it down or to plan your nutrition regimen.

The Jefit database contains about 1300 exercises with instructions and is available for free. You can create custom workouts as well as trust Jefit developers with their standard programs. The app has its own goal-setting means and motivating features to help you reach your goals faster. Social features bring a bit of competition into the game.

Jefits’s interface is simple and clear. Media materials are schematic, the exercise instructions are well-drawn and even more informative than real videos would be.

As the service is cross-platform, you can use both Android or iOS device or the web version. The developers promise soon it will support general health services like S Health or Google Fit. The app also lacks connection with popular fitness devices.

7 Minute Workout

Yes, 7 minutes will doOnly got 7 minutes to save the shape?

There are dozens of apps sharing almost the same name; we selected the most popular one by Simple Design Ltd. Opposite to maniac-oriented Jefit, the 7 Minute Workout app is meant for those who would like to make their still life just a bit healthier and sportier. It’s seen from the name that a standard workout proposed by this app will take as long as 7 minutes.

The app is described as the solution for the ordinary people who want to to inject some sports into their lives. It features workouts based on high-intensity circuit training that will be enough for most people to start. 

The 7 minutes contain 12 30-second exercises with 10-second breaks. This scheme is proven sufficient to compensate that 9-to-5 stillness. And there’s nothing to repeating it twice or thrice a day.

Just start the workout playlist and follow the voice instructions. The animated graphics will tell you how exactly to do the exercises. It may be critical for beginners.

7Minute Workout is integrated with Google Fit. So if you switch to a more hardcore service, your basic data will remain there. And if you want more, there are other apps.

VirtuaGym Fitness

VirtuaGym wherever you areVirtuaGym wherever you are

This service is a rather versatile one, but its basic mission is to organize your workout both at home and in the gym. In this cloud-based service you only need to enter your personal data(age, height, weight, goals, training intensity, available equipment), and it generates a workout program for you. VirtuaGym is fully editable, and if you have missed a workout day, you can catch up with it later.

While your workouts you can watch the animated instruction, at the same time the app is ticking the right tempo, and the virtual trainer Brad Fit says out some motivating phrases. You can adjust your workout program manually. If you want some more theory, you can learn what muscles each of your exercises involves. The service has a large achievement system, so you can get motivation candies frequently enough to keep training with it.

There’s also a nutrition app by VirtuaGym that controls your diet and calories input, but it’s developed separately though the two apps are integrated seamlessly.

What VirtuaGym lacks is support of other health services like Google Fit. It can sync you with FitBit services if you use them, but there’s more to wish, at least smartwatch and other fitness trackers support. Many users would like to have the app localized into more languages.


Fitocracy, not FitoshopFitocracy, not Fitoshop

Well, if you still hesitate whether you’re motivated enough to keep it up, you can try Fitocracy, the app that provides the most moral support. The training process is presented like a game you earn your points in, and the game character is you. Level by level you rise higher and reach new statuses. The achievement system of Fitocracy seems one of the most advanced in all such apps. While other apps just propose workouts to do, Fitocracy makes quests out of workouts and gives points for them.

The sporting side of Fitocracy is similar to other apps. The workouts are made of sets and repetitions, the exercises are illustrated by photos and animated videos. There are editing options to create custom workouts.

Another great part of Fitocracy is its sociality. You can share your results with the whole community, find other fitocrats in your area, ask a question and receive an answer from someone more experienced. The reached level will be displayed in your profile.

This combination of RPG and a sporting app has been noticed and approved by many experts and influencers of the industry.

Of course, we have left many good apps overboard. We didn't review official apps by fitness device vendors, as it’s more about wearables selection, or general services like Google Fit or Apple Health, as here they go by default.

Don’t miss our tips on arranging your digital gym at home. They will help you if you’re about to practice what you’ve read this for.

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