Avoid Dangerous City Intersections With Waze

Avoid Dangerous City Intersections With Waze on Freepps Top Blog

Waze is a great app for anyone who owns a car. It allows you to avoid traffic jams, find the best gas prices, and provides a whole range of other great features. After the latest update, Waze becomes even more handy to have on your smartphone. From now on, it will notify you if you’re getting close to a hazardous intersection.

At the moment, this feature works only in the five major cities of the United States, namely:

  • New York City;
  • Washington, D.C.;
  • Boston;
  • San Francisco;
  • Los Angeles. 

With time, however, this feature will hopefully become available for a larger list of cities.

Waze app

How does Waze determine which intersections are unsafe?

Waze creates these alerts by using its own traffic data collection system and the data given to it by city’s transportation departments. The data that is taken into the account includes:

  • Vehicle collision data
  • Bike and pedestrian incidents
  • Information on recorded injuries

This information is then used to assess the danger level of intersections throughout the city. This allows the app to update and adapt over time.

Of course, you should not rely solely on this app to keep you safe and keep your eyes open for any danger when passing an intersection. 

Nevertheless, it is great to see that apps such as Waze are making busy cities a bit safer to drive in, and maybe will keep some people out of harm’s way.

The update is available both for Android and iOS and you can get in using the thumbnails below.

Waze fan or other nav app user? Let us know what you're thinking about this update in the comments!

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    5 years ago
    This applications are need for big city. Waze facilitate driving, whith waze driving are pleasure.
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  • c
    5 years ago
    At last, it came! Everyone was cheered by the good news. Just Wase should be my careful guard against these annoying traffic jams and hazardous intersections.
  • r
    5 years ago
    Good app, better than standard maps from Google or Apple. I am confident in my safety driving now.
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