Become A Rockstar With Apple's Music Memos

Become A Rockstar With Apple's Music Memos on Freepps Top Blog

As a rule, inspiration comes to us in the most unsuitable places, where we have no opportunity to sketch down the idea so we don't lose it, especially if it’s a new tune sounding in your head. Fortunately, there are enough mobile services that allow you to record almost everything on the go. Although, we may list such iOS applications for a while, recently we’ve got one more supplement. The new player on the pitch is called “Music Memos”, which allows you to record and organize your new song ideas wherever you are.

GarageBand - Voice Memos - Music Memos

First of all, let’s denote it at once: GarageBand is a nice app, but it fits more for iPad as there is little comfort in controlling it on a small screen. Besides, Music Memos is designed with recording in mind, while GarageBand is made for editing. 

What is a reason of using the new app then if the iPhone's got the built-in Voice Memos app for recording? The answer is controlling - Music Memos starts recording as soon as it detects music sounds and stops doing it automatically. This eliminates outer noises present otherwise. Moreover, you music (or humming) will be recorded in uncompressed format, meaning it will be of a high quality.

Simple Design and Automated Controls

The app’s design is clean and simple to use. Upon launching it you’ll see a large record button located at the center of the screen. Actually, it’s almost all that you may find there, except for the tuner at the top right corner and the list of your “ideas”. Swipe up to reach them. 

You can choose between the auto mode, which begins recording when the device detects any kind music or noise and the manual one with one-button tapping. After everything is done and the button stops pulsating, you’ll see your record at the bottom. Then you can name it, tag, and rate, or just delete it if it didn’t work.

Playing instruments for recording, one may add drum and bass to its background, which will automatically adjust to the tempo. Initiating the feature is done a single tap, but it sounds like a real music band supporting you.

Music Memos also suggests the chords for your record, and that is a handy tool for beginners and correction of the cords, if needed. 

However, you should be aware of the fact that the iPhone’s microphone can’t properly analyze the chords of any other instruments, except for acoustic guitar and piano. 

Music Memos Chords Analysis

The Bottom Line

Music Memos is a new app for musicians, something in between the GarageBand and Voice Memos. It's more versatile than the iPhone’s built-in tool and less complicated than the powerful, multifunctional GarageBand. You see that the Cupertino-based company has taken care of the possible overlapping of features. Why should you install it? The app will cost you nothing and it’s an official Apple’s product supporting iPhone 4S and later models. What is more, you can easily share your new songs with others or reach them on all your iOS devices for further editing in GarageBand. 

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    5 years ago
    Good new app! Could be useful sometimes when you need to record some musicial idea. Gonna try it!
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    5 years ago
    Very useful for musicians. Inspiration can not be ordered at a particular time.
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