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One of the most amazing things about Android is being replaceable in every single aspect. Preinstalled system apps cover most users’ needs. But there’s still much left to improve.

The alarm clock has been a must since first mobile devices, but today’s phones provide much wider possibilities of setting it up. And it’s not about simply picking a tone or setting multiple wake up calls. Alarm clock today is something more.

How about a little goodnight lullaby? Or the smart selection of the right time to have you up at the moment you need? Or social functions? Don’t underestimate all these bagatelles: the moment you wake up tunes up the whole day.

Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android appSleep As Android

This app is probably the most famous of all reviewed, and it’s much, much more than just an alarm clock. It’s the whole smart complex controlling your sleeping and waking time.

The most wonderful feature of Sleep as Android is tracking your sleep cycles. If you set up the smart alarm, the app will start tracking you before the appointed time and thus select the moment in your light phase. Your awakening will be the easiest at this moment. And if you’re afraid you can fall asleep after reacting to the alarm, it can ensure you’re up with a captcha.

If you use a smartwatch by an A brand - Samsung, Pebble, or any Android Wear watch vendor, you’ll get much better precision due to its onboard sensors watching you move as you sleep. Sleep as Android collects your sleep stats you can later analyze. It’s connected with Google Fit and other specialized medical cloud services.

Oh, and if you wonder if androids dream of electric sheep, you’ll probably have a good chance to check it yourself.

Unfortunately, the smart features are only available on a 2-week free trial, then you’ll have to buy Premium edition or keep using the app as the usual alarm clock.


Alarm DroidAlarm Droid app

AlarmDroid looks too simple for an advanced alarm clock. But the first impression is a bit lightweight. Though its interface doesn’t look luxurious, the app can do much more. You can set multiple alarms, select tones, program your weekday and weekend mornings and create your flexible wake table.

The spoken clock is a good tool to organize your working day. It can periodically say the current date and time and weather conditions.

Obstacles can be useful sometimes. If you often experience the risk of falling back to sleep again after the alarm, you can enable obstacles you have to go through before the alarm goes off. These are simple problems you still have to strain your brain to solve. And if it’s not so crucial and you can afford sleeping in a little, you just turn your phone over and it will leave you alone for the time you have set.

AlarmDroid is designed in modern material style. Though most of the time you won’t see it, it’s still pleasant to look at. The only thing annoying is ad banner that has become too large after latest updates, and the ad-free version is predictably paid.

My Alarm Clock Free

My Alarm ClockMy Alarm Clock

The free version of the famous My Alarm Clock can’t be overestimated if you luckily own a dock station for your phone or tablet. It turns your device into a real stand clock that you can always take a glance at even you’re away from your desktop. A great thing if you want to position your phone on your table and have current time and weather always on.

You can select from some skins, both digital and analog style though the selection is narrow in the free edition. All color schemes are designed to save your power, so you’ll enjoy neon bright digits or hands on the black background. In options, you can also choose to display battery status, to launch the app every time you connect your phone to a charger or a dock station, and so on.

The alarm clock can be set different ways. You can set time for your wake-up calls, separately for weekdays and weekends. And there’s as well the option of setting up a sleep timer that lets you select the length of your sleep.

Both options are always within your reach in lower corners of the screen. Of course, you can set multiple alarms, select the tone and its length.

The free version is almost as functional as paid one, but it’s aesthetically spoiled by contrasting ads floating in the bottom of the screen.

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm ClockTimely Alarm Clock app

If you use multiple devices, you won’t have to bother to set the alarm clock on the loudest one, on the one you take when you’re traveling, on your stationary or a mobile one. Timely Alarm Clock’s most revolutionary feature is cloud integration. All your alarm settings are stored in your personal cloud, so they’re accessible from wherever you may happen.

It’s especially great when you’re planning your lifestyle long ahead. You may set your alarm clocks along with calendar reminders, and they need to be saved firmly as well. Set recurring alarms, select waking time for different days, save your wake up calendar.

Setting waking time is as easy as never before. You don’t have to enter or scroll digits or hands. Time is set by a special scrolling bar. You may also set up snoozing time, use volume buttons and do a bunch of other things!

And yes, Timely Alarm Clock is beautifully designed in a magic neon style with a wonderful animated screen. There’s also a theme maker, so if you’re not satisfied with any of downloadable themes, you can make your own. If you use your phone as a night stand watch, it will be a great choice.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free + Timer

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Alarm Clock Xtreme Free

“Xtreme“ means that the app has an ambition of outrunning all other apps in functionality.

The first customizable thing is your wake up sound. You can select the tone, set up its fade-in and fade-out, assign a random sound, select preinstalled ringtone or a song from your library.

Another thing you control fully is your waking or snoozing. Yes, if you can afford snoozing a bit after the alarm, you can select its duration at the wake-up screen. You may even automatize it to snooze less from time to time and to set limited maximum of snoozes. And if you plan to wake up to your business immediately, you can use some mathematical captchas that won’t let your brain go off after.

Built-in timer and stopwatch modules are so good that you may need no other apps for that. The stopwatch precision is 0,01 sec. The timer can be set just as easily and flexibly as a wake-up alarm.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free + Timer is designed in the iOS style but many users will certainly like it.

One More Thing

Let us advise you not to select your favorite song as a constant wake-up tone, or you risk to hate it soon.

What's your experience with morning alarms? Share it in the comments!


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    WakingNews Alarm Clock app WakingNews Alarm Clock is yet another beta app release with some potential. It functions primarily as an alarm clock. You set an alarm as usual and it goes off on time as usual. However, this one reads you the news from a variety of sources when it goes off. So it functions a little bit like old school radio alarm clocks. It has several good news sources, including Yahoo Finances, Yahoo Sports, Engadget, etc. However, there are some lesser sources of words there as well. Thankfully, you can choose the sources that play when the alarm goes off. It's in beta so there are definitely bugs. It is also free and has potential.
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