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Today, you can watch game streams not only on your computer. With the help of these excellent Android apps, you have a chance to watch exciting games wherever you are as long as you have your phone with you.

Read on to find out about the best game streaming apps for Android users.


The best mobile game streaming experience with KamcordDiscover entertaining mobile gamers using the Kamcord app

Kamcord is an app that you can use to watch the streams from mobile gamers on the go. It means that you won’t be able to find the giants of the gaming world, such as DOTA or the League of Legends, but there are a plenty of games that you can enjoy. Some of the well-known options include:

  • Clash of Clans;
  • Clash Royale;
  • Boom Beach;
  • and even mobile Minecraft. 

When using this app, you can hang out and chat with a number of famous mobile gamers, including MYSTLC7, GAMINGwithMOLT, and Galadon. You will receive a notification when certain gamers decide to go live.

If you feel like you had enough practice, and you want to start broadcasting yourself, Kamcord is one of the best applications to get started. 

If you’re at least a little bit entertaining and insightful you can start a stream of your own and become successful, so it’s definitely worth trying.


Android-friendly interface of the Vortex appBrowse through Vortex games to find the streams you enjoy

Vortex is a mobile-only application, so it was truly created with mobile viewers in mind, meaning that you can enjoy its convenient and nice-looking interface. 

The interface of the app is quite straightforward, and you get an opportunity to customize it for the most pleasant experience. You can optimize the streams, clean them up, and also view useful recommendations that pop up in your feed while you’re browsing. 

Although there is no PC-accessible website, you still have a chance to watch some games on your console or PC.

When it comes to the quality of the audio and chatting function in the application, they are great, but the video quality could be improved. Vortex is extremely easy to use thanks to its minimalistic approach and interface. 


Excellent video quality of the Abuzu appInteract with the gamers using the Abuzu app

Azubu website is certainly popular among the fans of quality game streaming, and it has become widely known after the successful streaming of the League Championship Series. 

When it comes to Azubu application, it looks similar to the site and includes the options of video search and game sorting. With the help of this application, you can enjoy great E-sport coverages on your Android device.

The video quality and resolution of Azubu are excellent, so you can get completely immersed in the game even while watching the streams on your phone. You can communicate with the streamers that you like using a convenient chat. 

The Azubu app also offers you tutorials so you can improve your gaming skills even if you’re not at home in front of your PC. It’s definitely one of the best streaming applications out there at the moment, exactly what you need to watch E-sport streams. 

Hitbox Beta

Exciting new hitbox app for the gamers and viewersDiscover new gamers using the hitbox app

The next app on our list that is worth mentioning is hitbox, a newcomer in the world of game streaming. 

At the moment, you can download the beta version of the hitbox application, but judging by the increasing popularity of the site we can expect the app to become huge pretty soon. A lot of new streamers are attracted to the site because it gives them a chance to get noticed on the game streaming arena.

Expect hitbox to become huge pretty soon

The application is perfect if you want to discover and chat with aspiring gamers, because the app is certainly not as crowded as more widely known options, such as Azubu and Twitch. 

Because the hitbox application is still in beta, the creators continue to work on fixing various bugs and freezing problems. The developers have already improved the app significantly, so we can expect it to work even better and become more popular in the future.


All the game streaming features you may need in the Twitch app Immerse yourself in the world of gaming using Twitch

Before the development of the application, Twitch has earned its popularity in the gaming community with the help of the game streaming site. Once it has become available in the app form, a lot of website followers switched to the Android application for an even more convenient watching experience.

When you choose the Twitch app, you get a huge variety of streamers to watch in a number of gaming categories. A good Internet connection allows you to watch the videos of the highest quality. Moreover, Chromecast support offers you improved audio quality and mirroring.

Interacting with the gamers is a lot easier when you use an Android application, and also depending on the streamer, you can use the emoticons. Overall, it’s one of the best apps for the game streaming purposes, an excellent game streaming app in all aspects.

Watch game streaming videos wherever you are

As long as you have an Internet connection you’re no longer tied to your computer and can watch your favorite gamers on the move. 

Depending on your preferences you can choose the application that meets your requirements. 

If you’re starting out as a gamer and want to broadcast yourself, it may be a good idea to go for less known apps, such as hitbox or Kamcord. 

If you’re only focused on watching the streams and interacting with the gamers, then all the mentioned apps offer quality videos and convenient interfaces, so you can pick and choose.

Which one of the above is your favorite streaming apps? Share it in the comments!

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