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Though Google has provided some critical data backup, it doesn’t cover all our needs. Yes, a Google account won’t let you lose your phone book, your mail and your calendar, and the apps you have purchased will wait for you. But there’s much more to backup than this.

The five apps we have selected are meant for different kinds of backup and restoration. Local and cloud-based, app- and media-oriented, requiring root or not, any of them has a special point. So we think that’s the case two apps are better than one.

Titanium Backup

Titanium, not Titanic. Syncs, not sinksTitanium, not Titanic. Syncs, not sinks.

The undoubtedly classic app for backing up the apps and system settings have gained its ambiguous fame and popularity because of hackers’ love. But the app has much to attract decent users as well. It can create backups of your apps in manual mode or by schedule. To save your memory you can store your backup archives in the cloud like Dropbox or Box.

Titanium’s highly appreciated feature is its ability to remove or freeze system apps. If you’re not sure whether the app is required for other apps or system functions, you can freeze it and then reanimate it from the backup. It can function as an app uninstaller, connect apps from unknown sources to their official pages, create solid archives or split backup files. To import a backup from another phone you just need to transfer the backup files into Titanium’s directory.

The app's interface is translated into many languages. It has a large fan community and constantly gets updated.

Pros: powerful, easy, flexible, famous.
Cons: root is required; many features are only available in paid version.
The bottom line: a versatile backup app, unfortunately, useless for unrooted devices.

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

With or without root, Super is goodSuper, the name is loud and true.

In spite of its name, this app has much greater possibilities. Like Titanium Backup, it can backup and restore your apps with all its settings and data, though it requires root. But even if you haven’t bothered to root your phone yet or vendor has left no chance of that, you can just copy your apps along with system data. It includes SMS, contacts, phone logs, calendar, and you can select which conversations to save. Your backup file will be stored locally on your SD card if your device supports it or in internal memory.

The app can upload its backup archives to Google Drive and download them back, save your apps by schedule, do it in batches. When backing up your contacts, the app stores not only its contact info, but also group info, and a picture if provided.

The most pleasant thing is that the developer has left no specific features for Pro version. All you have to put up with in free Super Backup is ads, and all you get by paying for Pro is ads removal and satisfaction for supporting the developer.

Pros: works on both rooted and unrooted devices, saves different data types flexibly
Cons: limited functionality on unrooted Android
The bottom line: a versatile backup app, less powerful than Titanium, but if your device can’t be rooted, it’s the best alternative.

App Backup & Restore

The name that says all

The backup app by popular Apex Apps has gained much popularity due to its easiness. It can back up your apps both onto the SD card on into the internal memory. Backup and restore process is simplified up to one tap.

There is also a necessary batch mode that allows you to backup all the installed apps or manually selected ones.

If you have bought a new phone or tablet and now you have to transfer your apps onto the new device from the old one, just install this app on both. It can directly connect two devices and copy the apps to the new one.

While restoring process new apps can override old installed versions. But if you wish, you can create backup files of different app versions and roll back to the previous one if current app isn’t working properly.

Unfortunately, it lacks a critical feature for many users: Apex’s app can’t backup the apps’ inner data, even if your device is rooted. So you’ll have to enter your credentials again and restore data from the services’ cloud resources if this is provided.

Pros: lightweight, multifunctional, working in batch mode, well-designed, no root required
Cons: can't backup app data and system settings
The bottom line: only if you need your apps backed up, without their inner data, or transferred from another device.

CM Backup

Saves all but your appsSaves all but your apps

Cheetah Mobile is mostly known for its perfect Clean Master and QuickPic apps, the most popular system cleaner and a great lightweight gallery app. But it’s not that common knowledge that CM also proposes you up from 5 GB free storage with its backup app.

CM Backup doesn’t duplicate Titanium’s or Apex’s functions. While those apps are meant for saving your apps, CM concentrates on data. It can save your photos, contacts, SMS and call logs, alarms and calendars and other system settings in its own cloud based on Amazon facilities.

It will be a great combination of CM Backup and Apex’s app, one for media and data, one for app files. It will be actual if chances are your device won’t get rooted soon, so Titanium Backup with all its power is of no use. Finally, if you use two or more Android devices, you can have your merged phone calls and SMS log and your joined photo gallery in one place.

Pros: 5 GB for free, automatic backup, merging data from multiple devices, integration with Clean Master and QuickPic.
Cons: doesn’t save apps and unsupported file types
The bottom line: a great service for mobile photo fans, if you have better ways to use your Google Drive, and great joint base for your SMS and call logs from two or more phones.

G Cloud Backup

The Ultimate Cloud Video SaverThe Ultimate Cloud Video Saver

Another cloud backup service is also meant for saving anything but your apps. Like CM Backup, this app saves copies of your photos, contacts, SMS and call logs onto its own cloud storage. But there are features specific for G-Cloud, such as saving videos! Today it seems more than actual, as making videos with a phone has become a mania.

The service is data-oriented and doesn’t work with apps. It seems a bit obvious, as apps are not the thing to exchange between iOS and Android. Of course, this sort of backup app doesn’t require root.

The app gets constant updates and support. Your account can be protected with a password. You can as well save your backup copies locally onto your SD card. Though local app backup function would be a good addition.

Pros: great if you want to back up your videos, or if you use both Android and iOS, or planning to migrate between them.
Cons: cloud storage is limited to 1 GB initially, the app doesn’t backup and restore apps.
The bottom line: irreplaceable if you make a lot of short videos, but you’d better combine it with other backup services.
As you see, there’s no single app to cover all backup needs. Any of the first three apps can make a good combination with any of the last two, or with both of them. The final choice should be based on many factors, from technical like the model of your device, whether it is rooted or not - to purely esthetical.

But there’s no doubt backup is a must for today’s user not ready to lose all his/her data suddenly. And you better think of it before it happens.

Which of the backup aps is your favorite? Share it in the comments!

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    5 years ago
    CM Dackup saved a very important data for me! I'm very glad that once I decided to install it. Data backup is very needed for each of us!
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    5 years ago
    I think, it is very important to know that your data is in safe and you can always recover it if anything happened.
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    This is Backup Apps for Android is very to modify programm. I donwload and used this programm is very ofthen. Programm is good, I satisfied!
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    5 years ago
    Super Backup is great. It saved my apps with different settings and data! And there are few ADS in this great app.
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