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In the first paragraph of such comparison, we are meant to complain about many phones with decent cameras and unfortunately no memory card. But whatever, even in your device does have an SD slot, there is never enough memory. So storing your photos online is more than a pleasant bonus, often it’s a hard necessity.

We have selected five services that give the most possibilities for free. Some are socially oriented, some are meant for photo trading, but all of them provide decent mobile experience and can show the full potential of your camera and your artistic eye.

There is always something left out of this comparison. For example, we didn’t include iCloud, as it’s iPhone and iPad users’ prerogative they have by default and other users can’t make benefit of. 

CM Backup, on the contrary, is available for Android only and drops out with all its greatness. 

Services like Instagram, seemingly photo-centric, are also willingly left out of our sight, as they’re more of social media with a limited photo quality and fewer photo hosting options.

So our criteria are the following:

  • Both iOS and Android apps in stores, PC client or web access;
  • Photo editing and sharing abilities;
  • Feature of storing uncompressed photos in their original size;
  • Current working status.

Here are the services worth your attention. And remember that yes, you can simultaneously use more than one, for different purposes.

Google Photos

Maybe you already use it

The Corporation of Good has its photo hosting service available both on Android and iOS devices. Its generosity is impressing: if you agree to compress down your photos, it gives you unlimited space in its clouds. 

Unfortunately, if you intend to store your photos in their original quality, usual Google Drive limitations apply.

The app has a built-in editor with basic functions (crop, rotation, adjustments, vignette). One Google feature worth mentioning is an automatic adjustment that works well in most situations. 

You can also create a collage, an animation, or even a movie from your photos directly within the app, with no side apps required.

As you may already have Google account, this service may be the most suitable for you.


The Uncrowned King

The uncrowned king of cloud storage services, Dropbox can be also used for specific photo purposes. The app can automatically sync your photo folder with its cloud. 

On your PC or other portables, your photos will also be accessible. The app - and the web service as well - have a little to offer to photo fans, it doesn't even have its own photo editor. But you can edit your stored photos with any third-party editing app from within Dropbox.

When it comes to sharing photos, Dropbox is beyond any competition. Send links, embed your photos in posts on social media, preserve the original quality. The service is all about your comfort.

The greatness of Dropbox fades a little when it comes to space availability. A basic account can hold up to 2 GB of photos, with periodical offers to increase it a little by inviting other users. 

Paid accounts get many more abilities, but did you come to The Apps Depot to read about paid accounts?


In fact, theres more than 500

Don't get fooled by the name if you’re new to this service. The photos can be stored here in much greater resolution, up to the original one, even if you upload enormous photos made by your DSLR. 

And yes, even the 20 MPX monster cameras installed in your mobile device can show off at 500px at their best, as the storage lets you store the full-size photos. There’s also built-in camera module and a simple editor, besides that you can always use an external one.

The app has some social features. You can follow other people and watch and comment their photos. No, it’s not mobile-optimized like Instagram, but it leaves no place for compromise. Only the best quality, only the diehard fans community.

If you intend to make money on your mobile photos, there’s no better place than 500px. Define the category your photo belongs to and wait until someone intends to purchase it. 

A good shot can bring you enough money to pay for your cloud services, Internet access and other things we all need. The service is free for its users.


The first that comes to mind

When we say “photo hosting”, we mean Flickr. Now owned by Yahoo!, it seems like the best thing this company has to offer now. After installing the Flickr app, you get your whopping 1000 GB for storing photos - free!

 You can organize your albums like you do in your local gallery, share them or restrict access, upload automatically from your camera roll or manually.

One of the most attractive Flickr features is the built-in editor, rich in functions and easy to use. It has both filter-based fast enhancements and manual adjustments that allow you to five your pictures exactly the look you want. You can also add descriptions to whole photos or to separate objects on them.

And it’s packed with social features. You can both make contacts and follow people on Flickr itself as well as broadcast your photos to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages.

The service could have been the perfect one if not for its compression policy. The photos in Small and Medium displayed size get strongly compressed with multiple artifacts. But still it’s far from Instagram’s limitations.


For Pro Photographers Even with Camera Phones

The last app on our list seems one of the most promising. If you haven’t already dealt with it, it’s worth trying right now. 10 GB of free space, made of general 2 GB and mobile bonus 8 GB, solid apps for Android or iOS, popularity and easy export, heh, it’s a tasty offer. 

You can organize your photos in albums, control access, follow other people, comment or download their photos. Your own photos can upload automatically.

You don’t even have to create a special account as Facebook or Twitter credentials will do. If you authorize with one of these services, Photobucket tries to automatically import your photos from there. And it works back, as the photos stored on Photobucket are extremely easy to share elsewhere with short links generated immediately.

The great extra of Photobucket is the Print Shop service that lets you print your photos remotely. A built-in editor is also quite decent and powerful. 

But if you prefer using an external one, there’s nothing wrong about it. The only limitation in free account we should pine over is the maximum photo size up to 5 MB tops.

What's your cloud storage of choice? Share it in the comments!

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