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With development of Internet and its penetration into all possible spheres of our life, we’ve got hundreds of opportunities which changed our routine greatly. Indeed, we even almost stopped going shopping for some food or home stuff.

Why should we go or drive to the store, spend time there choosing goods and going back, if we can just sit on a couch in the warm atmosphere of our home and wait for delivery? 

That is the reason for the online shopping boom we're facing today.

Still, being in the dark waiting for your parcel isn’t a very pleasant thing. Fortunately, there is an abundance of tracking applications we can use to find out the exact location of our package or mailed item.

So, checking the purchases' shipment has never been so easy. Check our selection of the dedicated apps, which are available at no cost though, some include in-app purchases for additional goodies.

Deliveries Package Tracker 

Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshots

If you need a quick and full-featured tracking service, you should pay attention to this application. It’s very powerful and allows you to forget about constantly launching the app in order to check the status updates - Deliveries Package Tracker sends you notifications about them.

Due to the cloud synchronization, users are able to keep track on various devices. It also offers a widget and tablet optimization.

If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version, you'll get:

  • zero ads; 
  • the ability to sync your Amazon and eBay orders;
  • a chance set different app themes;
  • the option to refresh the status by simply shaking the device. 

TrackChecker Mobile 

New Version of TrackChecker Mobile in Action

The new version of TrackChecker belongs to the most popular shopping and tracking apps for Android OS. The app allows you to track the shipment of all your orders; actually, an unlimited number of them. It supports over 3 hundred delivery services from all over the world.

The user interface is nice, and you can easily backup your data, set the automatic updating, sort your parcels by modes and filter, etc. 

TrackCheck Mobile also estimates delivery times and notifies you about all the changes. In other words, it’s a real must-have for all the shopaholics.


ParcelTrack User Interface

The ParcelTrack app works with a whole bunch of services. You will also get customized notifications to be aware of your order’s delivery status. However, this app doesn’t work on the same principle as the others - with that endless tracking numbers. Instead of this, every user gets a random ID and email box where this ID gets automatically extracted to your ParcelTrack account. 

The only thing required from you is forwarding the retailer’s delivery notification to this email box. 

Premium version allows being notified of an address, where your package has been left, if you weren’t at home at the shipment time. It also gives a chance to keep tracking by synchronizing devices and to add shipments by the barcode scanning. 

AfterShip Package Tracker 

This application promises to track your parcel from more than 200 carriers worldwide absolutely free of charge. The tracking number may be entered manually or scanned via the barcode reader. To find the particular shipment, you may add special notes or even photos to them. 

Users get free push notifications of the delivery status. It’s also characterized by a pleasant-looking and colorful user interface. Due to the automatic detection of a carrier, one can go to its website with one tap only. AfterShip Package Tracker lacks the advertising component, which is obviously an advantage. If needed, the tracking link may be shared easily. 


17Track Functionality

One more payment-free and ad-free global delivery tracker is called 17Track and supports almost 200 shipping services. It works especially well when it comes to tracking orders from China - mainly because it was founded in this country 6 years ago. As other decent and advanced apps in this niche, 17Track provides you with the information about not one but multiple orders, sorting them and detecting the carrier. 

What is more, it shows the translated information in the selected language from the list of supported ones. Don’t forget about the notifications connected with the status changes.

Package Tracker Express

 Package Tracker Express Key Features Screenshots

This tracking app has a very simple interface, though, giving you a chance to see the route of your order on the map in most cases. However, the range of the supported carriers isn’t very wide at the moment, consisting of over 40 positions only. Still, you can customize this list by enabling/disabling the carriers you need. Package Tracker Express offers easy-to-use managing packages through a pop-up menu, which appears after long pressing the number of your order. 

If you want to have some additional features, such as getting notifications and alerts or removing ads, you may upgrade to the payment-based Pro version of the app. 

Slice: Package Tracker

Slice: Package Tracker Functionality Demonstration

Slice is a multifunctional application, which not only tracks the parcel shipping, but also keeps an eye on price drops and recall alerts, notifying you of them even after your order was delivered. The latter is done to give you an opportunity to get a refund on the items purchased or be aware that other customers aren’t satisfied with the item.

Slice saves all the receipts for possible returns and exchanges. It’s completely free and very helpful. Furthermore, the app keeps records of your purchasing data to create statistical graphs of your expenses and purchasing preferences, which may be a very information for you. 

The Final Word

Thereby, tracking the location of your long-awaited items is not so exhausting now. You can easily schedule the pick-up, ask for some additional services, and much more. Moreover, the only thing you’ll need for all these operations is your Android smartphone. So, if you’re an active online buyer, explore some of the apps offered and enjoy the life opportunities more.

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    Wow, great! I do like this Deliveries Package Tracker. It delivers big variety of different goods and really quickly! It's up to you to decide, but I'm really fond of it!
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