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For a lot of people these days, online shopping is the way to go. While visiting an actual store can sometimes be exciting, online shopping allows us to save time and avoid the stress of standing in lines.

Today, there is no shortage of shopping applications for Android, and here are some of the best options out there.


Unsurpassed convenience of shopping with AmazonUnsurpassed convenience of shopping with Amazon

Amazon is one of those online stores that don’t need an introduction. Millions of people use Amazon every day to order the things they need whether its food or electronic devices. Using the application allows you to purchase the items wherever you are and also catch various deals as soon as they appear.

If you want to save some money, you shouldn’t miss out on Deals of the Day or Lightning Deals that can make your purchases more affordable. The app itself is simple, and it’s certainly one of those that everyone should have on their phones.


Searching for gifts is easy with the Etsy appSearching for gifts is easy with the Etsy app

If you’re into exclusive things and unusual design, the Etsy app should definitely be on your phone. This online store is perfect for when you need to find a gift for someone, especially if you want to get a unique item that no one else will have. Also, the app allows you to see if there are any events organized by the Etsy sellers close to where you live.

Moreover, if you are a creative type yourself, you can create an account and become a seller. What is also great about the Etsy app is that it’s compatible with PayPal and Google Wallet.

Newegg Mobile

A wide range of items for every customer at Newegg MobileA wide range of items for every customer at Newegg Mobile

This shopping app allows you to easily search for the things you need, browse through various deals, create the lists of what you want to buy in the future, and of course, purchase these items. One of the benefits of shopping using the Newegg Mobile app is that you can get some deals that are not available for those who order from the website.

This shopping app is an excellent choice is you’re looking for electronics because there are more in-depth reviews in comparison to a lot of other apps and websites.


Smart and efficient shopping with JetSmart and efficient shopping with Jet

Another excellent shopping application on the list is Jet. The app offers you a wide range of items that you can order, so you’re more than likely to find everything you need using this single app. Some of the features of Jet include re-ordering in one click and Android Pay support.

Moreover, the benefits of shopping with the Jet app include the opportunity to get free shipping when you order a required number of items. It’s undeniably worth trying if you’re in search of an app that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable.  

RetailMeNot Coupons

User-friendly interface and navigation of RetailMeNot CouponsUser-friendly interface and navigation of RetailMeNot Coupons

If you’re familiar with coupons apps, you know that there are a lot of them out there. Some apps, like Groupon, offer you various coupons for virtually anything from services to things, but the main emphasis of the RetailMeNot Coupons app is on the shopping.

The application is easy to use and extremely efficient – once you include certain stores to your favorites, you are notified when there are new deals available at those stores.

Also, you are reminded when the coupons are about to expire, which is definitely something you want because it may be difficult to remember everything. Taking this app to offline shops is undoubtedly a great idea.  

The Coupons App

Reliable coupons for every customer at the Coupons AppReliable coupons for every customer at the Coupons App

The apps that offer you coupons may not always help you when you buy items online, but they can make your offline shopping more affordable, which is a definite bonus. While the interface of the Coupon App may not seem the most exciting, when it comes to receiving great deals, it shouldn’t matter too much.

In comparison to a lot of other coupon apps, this one actually gives you the coupons for not only offline retailers but for some online ones as well.

Shopping online made easier with Android apps

There is no doubt that online shopping is extremely popular nowadays, but we can expect it to grow and develop even more in the future. Various applications allow you to do your shopping whether you’re at home or stuck in traffic, so you don’t have to set aside any special time to buy all the things you need.

The mentioned apps cover everything you may want to buy from gifts, devices, and clothing to food, and various coupons will become an excellent addition to your offline shopping. 

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    5 years ago
    And what about Aliexpress? In my opinion it's a good application, hella convenient, even discounts for its use are making in the shop. A good combination of an pleasant and useful.
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    And what about Ebay? Good app too. Amazon app looks quite convenient , I used it only on the PC before.
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