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Uber and Lyft have changed the way people order a taxi. The days we have to wave to book taxis are gone, and today you can do it in just a few minutes with the help of taxi apps. They save time, allow you to choose the car type and additional preferred options. In this article, we collected TOP 5 taxi and driver apps that you can download on your phone.


Uber application screenshots

In fact, Uber is the most known app in the ride-sharing sector. It operates in different parts of the world. To be more precise, in more than 630 cities. There are several payment options available: cash, PayPal, Android Pay or credit card. If you choose the online payment, it will charge automatically after the ride is finished. Also, users can select a driving category that depends upon expenditure. It can be Uber X, Uber Go, Uber Black, Uber Pool. The app has a user-friendly interface so that you can review drivers, write to the support team, or schedule pickups.


Lyft application screenshots

Lyft is another popular taxi booking app and the main Uber’s competitor. The only difference: it operates in the United States covering more than 200 cities. One of the main advantages of Lyft is its reliable rating and review system. All drivers are rated based on their reviews and stars given by passengers. And then only the drivers who score the maximum ratings can take the orders. Moreover, only Lyft provides passengers with $1 million in liability insurance. Like in any other taxi app, you can set up the pickup, see the order history and the price of the ride.


Juno application screenshots

In addition to global operating companies, there are small companies focused only on specific regions or areas. Such is Juno that operates only in New York City. There are several advantages to using this app. First of all, the team is very small and result-oriented. Secondly, Juno carefully selects drivers to provide you only with a high-quality service. Also, users can choose among three available service types: Bliss (the most affordable option), Lux (more expensive option), and SUV (for big groups). If you will have any complaints, you can always contact the 24h support team by phone or email.


TaxiCaller application screenshots

TaxiCaller has all of the basic options that you expect to see: like booking the ride, choosing the vehicle types, adding extra features, saving the places, writing reviews, and so on. The app supports Facebook login if you need it. The design is pretty simple and intuitive.



Curb is a well-known taxi booking app with a large user’s base. Like Lyft, it operates only in the United Cities, more precisely, in 65 cities. They include New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and so on. The app has more than 50 000 taxis, and every driver is fully insured and licensed. Of course, you can choose the riding options. Curb has three of them available:

  • Ride Now: immediate pickup;
  • Ride Later: the pickup within 24h;
  • Pair & Pay.

What taxi apps have you already used?

As you can see, the market of shared riding is evolving. There are a lot of different alternatives to Uber or Lyft. Share with us in the comments below which taxi apps you use and which you want to try.

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