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Wouldn’t it be great to have a portable video studio on your phone or tablet? Yes, and all it takes is a proper app with video editing features.

Editing video on mobile devices used to be a synonym for something making no sense.

But today’s CPUs and GPUs are powerful enough, cameras provide decent quality, and cellular connection broadband allows uploading your videos without searching for nearby hotspots.

Of course, the resulting quality depends on your hardware and your director’s talent. But all the means are provided with the apps. We have selected five plus one most interesting for you.

Video Editor

Video Editor AppVideo Editor App

The app with the simplest name seems the best choice for most users. This video editor allows you to trim videos, to join several fragments into one file, to resound them and to insert photos into your video.

Select as many video fragments as you like, drag and drop them to reorder the sequence. You can mix music into your video soundtrack, and it will be mixed with the original audio. The resulting video can be saved in your local gallery or uploaded to an external server.

There’s even the option of optimizing your video definition to fit Instagram requirements. Users notice that the app works with large files over 1 GB correctly.

Some will appreciate a secondary feature of exporting audios from videos and saving them as MP3 files. They can later be used with another video stream.

The interface of the Video Editor app is available in many languages. It’s simple and logical. The app is free because of endless ads; happily, they don’t interfere when you do the editing.

The resulting videos are free from watermarks, unlike some other video editors for Android, but some users have encountered issues with stability.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip AppAdobe Premiere Clip

This video editor, in spite of its famous name, proposes a simple set of features, though they seem enough for elementary mobile video editing. You can select videos from your gallery or make your own clips with any camera app installed. Adobe Premiere Clip for Android lets you split your video fragments, change their order, apply filters to whole videos.

The choice of is so rich that you can spend hours just watching the same clip with different filters over and over. Alas, there’s only one filter per project available. If you want to apply different filters to different clips, you’ll have to apply them separately and then join your clips in a new resulting project.

The resulting videos quality only depends on the original quality; the software does its best. Transition moments can be colored up with preset effects. You can also use external audios as a soundtrack and insert static photos with dynamics added by slow zooming.

If you intend to create a music video, you can use Sync to Beat feature that fits your montage to your music BPM.

The app is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud where you can publish your works. You can as well start your work out in the streets and finish it with a pro editor when you’re back home.


Instant VideoFlipagram app

If the name reminds you of a photo editing and sharing system, you have guessed correct. Flipagram creators decided to make video editing and sharing just as easy.

Even the resulting videos are square, optimized for mobile viewing. You can also apply time limits of Instagram or Vine to fit your videos there.

The app requires creating an account or using your Facebook credentials.

Flipagram videos are meant for sharing on social networks.

Select your photos or videos to make your own video from. Just drag them to reorder. You can also select a soundtrack that fades out automatically as the video comes to an end. And as if anyone had doubts, here come the filters. There are 14 available now.

One of the most attractive Flipagram features is its music richness. The developers have prepared a large music library consisting of free fragments up to 60 secs you can use for your videos. Mostly they are popular song fragments provided by iTunes.

Of course, the Flipagram videos are meant first of all for social network sharing. But if that’s exactly what you want, this app is the one for you.

VidTrim - Video Editor

King TrimsonVidTrim app

As the name tells from the start, this app is first of all for trimming videos. You can cut your videos like a chief editor, taking away the fails and leaving the essence of what you need.

Maybe it’s some funny moves of an animal, a n unexpected kid’s phrase or some other gag you have accidentally captured; take the best out of your stream!

The app has much more than just trimming. Here's what you can do:

  • join video fragments with different transition effects;
  • apply filters;
  • extract audio streams to MP3 files;
  • add external audios as soundtracks;
  • or merge multiple video files into one.

All in all, the developers position this app as a “video organizer”.

One very precious feature is rotating videos. The epidemic vertical video disease has brought nausea to millions of angry watchers. But the rotating function can really help it.

VidTrim is available in most popular languages and has an intuitive interface, so it's hard not to make it out. New languages are being added constantly.

The free version is ad-supported, but it matters much more that videos with some effects applied will carry a watermark.

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

VivaVideo appVivaVideo app

Is it possible to bring pro tools into an amateur-oriented design? VivaVideo is an example.

Record your video or select it from your gallery to edit. There should be no space for regretting you didn’t do it on your PC, so the developers supposed before stuffing the app with all a mobile editor should do.

The developers have tried to merge photo and video editing into a complex tool. You can create video stories from both videos and photos, apply filters and lenses to any kind of media, preview your result and share it directly to any cloud or social service.

You can animate your videos and collages with free effects, GIF images from Giphy, texts, transitions, and any tools you need to make your video right.

The free version of VivaVideo has some limitations which include:

  • a lot of ads;
  • video length is limited;
  • edited videos carry a watermark;
  • HD quality isn’t available.

Anyway, it has become one of the most popular video editing apps with over 50 million users. These limitations don’t matter for social networking, and users with pro requirements can buy Pro version as an addition to more powerful tools.

YayCam Retro Vintage Camera + VHS

YayCam app

The more digital we go, the more analog we'd like to feel. The Vintage Retro Camera applies retro filters to your photos and videos in real time. The preview on your screen in WYSIWYG mode illustrates the app’s talents. Even the music sounding like 1930s, 1950s, or other time, sounds as you make your video, you won’t have to mix it in later.

The app is also good at stylizing photos like they would look in old times. There are Polaroid and 8mm imitations, sepia, black-and-white, other effects. It will take a while to master all preinstalled filters. You can apply them to videos or photos from your gallery as well. The developers have cared about color schemes, artifacts on film and so on.

Of course, this app is not strictly a “video editor”, it’s totally filter-based and meant initially for hipsters hooked on Instagram.

But you can use them from within montaging apps as a selectable real-time camera app or as an external filter. That’s why we point it out as a good bonus app that can enrich your video editing experience.

Which one of these app is your favorite? Shar it in the comments below!

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    Oh great, i was looking for the editing app which has a rotation function at the same time VidTrim is good
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